Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


We made cookies over the weekend. Four batches of 'em, peanut butter, almond tea cookies, the mint brownies, and chocolate haystacks (Jet's still begging for marshmellows). Half to go to church, for John's contribution. The other half go to my co-workers in green and red bundles of plastic wrap. I'm going a bit cheaper, this year, for my co-worker gifts. The pecan clusters of last year were very much appreciated, but they set us back a bit.

In the afternoon, we went to Boulder, and did a little shopping. We wandered around the light-covered Pearl Street Walking Mall, had dinner at the Mongolian BBQ, and then wandered some more. We then hit Toys R Us, and Jet was so happy to just play with the trains, various gifts were bought and stowed in the truck for wrapping when they got home and he got to sleep.

Sunday was cookies for the morning, then a nap in the afternoon, and then John took us all to a new development to wander through the houses and look at them. I like doing that for ideas. Jet loves climbing all the stairs, discovering the kids' rooms, and generally getting to play in a house that's not his. It's a great way for him to figure out that a different house isn't a scary place, and that it's okay to go wandering around a bit to figure out where he is and see what there is. John just wanted to see what there was to see. He's getting mildly itchy feet again. A good thing, as that's when things happen around here.

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