Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The best thing about live-in sitters...

Getting to go see RotK tonight AND getting to go to lunch as well. Woohoo!!

It's going to be a co-worker event on John's side of the factory, so I'll get to meet all the folks that I'll be working with next March. That should be fun.

Best thing about the move coming up is that I'll still be working with the technical market person that I really respect and enjoy working with. Woohoo!!

The work place is really quiet today. Not a lot of people in, so it's been fun going around with bags of cookies and giving them to the people who are actually here. I was very Scrougie last night, didn't want to give any of the cookies away, but got up this morning and packed as many as I could. Printed up nice labels for 'em, and John helped me tie ribbon on the packages, while Jet grabbed ribbon and started running around the house with it and balling it up and then pulling it apart again. He gets a LOT of fun out of a fifty cent ball of ribbon.

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