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When I saw Minas Tirath I thought, wow, they got it Oh So Right!! My god, even the streets are crooked, narrow, and STEEP and the circles!! All seven circles...

They got it Right. With love. The changes made for a better movie. And they made one change that I'd always, in my heart of hearts had wished for. It was always a bittersweet thing that had always felt like a gaping hole in the original story.

That Eowyn actually got to speak to her father when he was dying, and that he not only recognized her but tried to heal her loss of him was... beyond words good. I cried and cried and cried and was SOoooooooo glad of this one changed 'ending' for her. That she got that in the movie just... amazed me, made me think that the movie makers had exactly the same feelings I'd always had about that scene.

I think I've made my peace with the movie version of Faramir, especially when they treated his father so much more harshly with the simplicity necessary for a movie.

My heart couldn't help but say it was WRONG for Eowyn, Faramir, and Merry to be at the battle of the Black Gate.

I was really amused by Aragorn touching the Orb after Pippin dropped it and having them NOT make it a plot point, when it would have been easy to say that single touch also alerted Sauron of the coming King, helping with the taking of the 'bait'.

Our entire theater *roared* at Legolas' taking down of his 'one' enemy. *grin* And this was just a matinee. I've never heard that kind of response in anything but an opening house in LA, packed to the gills. Wow. I'll admit I was clapping and cheering with everyone else, too.

Shelob made everyone squirm. I was amazed at the quality of her rendering, and all the close-angle shots still had her looking like a tarantula with a stinger... I loved the battle with Sam on that, and it really made me cringe when Frodo hit the sticky stuff.

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