Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Day With The Baby

So I started today with a bath. I needed it. I had a massage last night and I was so sore, but we went out to dinner with John's brother Paul so I couldn't take a bath before feeding Jet for his last time of the night.

Paul's lady and their daughter, Marina, were supposed to have flown in last Wednesday, but with the airports closed they rescheduled for Saturday, but then their Saturday flight was cancelled, so they decided to bag it as they didn't have enough vacation to take more days and it was starting to cut the whole visit really short. So they didn't come out here. Paul decided that instead of staying through to Thursday, as he'd originally planned, he would just fly back as soon as possible. That turned out to be this morning.

So we enjoyed his company as best we could while he was here, and he was fascinated by Alton Brown and Good Eats. That was fun to watch with him as he, like David, has no TV in the house and he was intrigued by the qualities of the show.

Anyway... he left this morning at 6, before even Jet was awake, though Jet woke up at 5:25 for one last feeding before he went back to sleep until about 7 this morning.

So I got my bath before John went to work. John and Jet went outside to watch the construction workers work on John's new garage. They were digging the first post holes for the foundation, and our contractor was mildly impressed with the wire witching John and I had done the other night. They decided to shift the whole foundation by a foot to miss the lines we'd found. When they'd dug the holes, John went into one of them and, sure enough, found the wire... so there's something to the technique. The wires didn't work for the contractor, but he said that he knew that they wouldn't work for him. I wonder if it only works for conductive people or something? I dunno.

Talking about conductive... my bath was totally filled with salts. I have a carton of Epsom salts and just put like two or three handfuls of the stuff into a hot bath when I'm really sore. The salt water seems to just help leech out all the acids in my muscles, and I feel a lot better afterwards. Well enough to deal with Jet all day. He was pretty fussy and tired as he'd had a really full day yesterday, as the three boys had done the town and hadn't come back until nearly four. Then we'd also gone out to dinner. It took me three tries, but he's finally asleep for a while, and I can get a few more hours worth of work in and a mug of tea besides.

I also took the leftover roast beef au jus, melted a teaspoon of butter, put in two teaspoons of flour, cooked it until it was nutty and then poured in all the leftover juices. It was still too thick, so I splashed in some milk and while it seemed too thin to start, when I simmered it for a while with the chunks of beef in it, it thickened up nicely. I poured all of that over half a cup of instant mashed potatoes and it was extraordinarily comforting food. Tender, creamy, and lots of yummy starches to boot. So it was a very nice, quick lunch that I could have while Jet was asleep.

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