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Last night, John and I rented Bend It Like Beckham, and watched it with Jet, as we didn't think he'd mind the language that much, and he didn't. He watched it intently for the whole movie, sometimes sitting with one of us, sometimes lying on the floor and looking up at the TV, sometimes rocking back and forth on the rocking footstool to the rocking chair, and sometimes running around kicking his indoor ball. But when Jess and Juil go to London, via the Underground, Jet jumped up and started pointing at the screen. "See! See!" he said, somewhat incoherently, and then suddenly, "I want to go *there*!" as the screen starts dipicting London. "I want to go there," he ended up saying.

Both John and I, of course, said, "Sure. We can take you there."

Jet smiled big, and settled again, to watch the movie.

No surprise, but both John and I loved the movie. The soccer was very fun to watch, and the humor was great, too. I loved seeing the director cook aloo gobi afterwards, as I've always enjoyed the dish and it was cool to see a homecooked version rather than the dumbed down version most cook books have. Wow, grated tomatoes...

The new year, so far, has been pretty boring. Mostly staying in the house, as six inches of snow came down and for the first couple of days, it's eaiser to just stay home. It was -17 last night, -2 this morning when I dropped Jet off at Joan's. The roads are ice sheets, but drivable since they're dead flat. We did get out yesterday for church, groceries, and the movie. Jet had two nights straight of getting up every hour, and then last night he dropped over asleep right at bed time, after the movie, and slept through to 3, and then stayed asleep after John got him to sleep until 8. Wow. Made us late to Joan's, but that's okay. If Jet actually learns to sleep in late, I'll be elated.

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