Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


It was so cold, this morning, that when Jet spilled part of his smoothie, by the time I got back to the garage and tried to clean it up, it had already frozen nearly solid. I could scrape most of it up like spackle with a dough blade.

It's about -12.5 F which is about -24.7 C. It's going to probably be at -20 F (-28.8 C) tonight.

It's cold enough that breathing the air without a scarf makes me cough from how much it dries my lungs.

It's cold enough that the Eurovan's blowing heaters don't keep up with it.

The defroster blows cold air at me even with the engine at 190 degrees F because the windshield is so cold the heat doesn't even make a difference.

It's cold enough, getting home, that my fingers started tingling by the time we got home. My Gortex gloves were, of course, in my gym bag. I'd just forgotten to put them on. I will not forget next time.

It's cold enough that I really, truly regretted not taking my cellphone with me because if we'd had car trouble I would have been in deep shit.

I'm so glad it'll be 28 tomorrow, and probably only in single digit negatives by tomorrow night, and then in the mid-50's by Thursday. Wow, what a change.

I do NOT envy mallen.

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