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Mmm... lychee tea. Sweet and dark with fruit and oxidation.

Lychee tea and a new addiction, how could life be any better? At least my addiction benefits someone, but that may just be a rationalization on my part.

And tea...

There is a new teashop open in Longmont, opened by an ex-techie lady who is now a pastry chef and chocolatier. I have an eclair for my breakfast, huge, gnarled thing with Callabuat melted bitter-sweet on top. She also had the Joyce Chan hobnailed Japanese iron teapots, enameled on the inside, and she had them for cheaper than anyone else in town plus another twenty-percent off for post-holiday blues. So I bought it for two-thirds the price I'd seen elsewhere.

Also got Rosty a box of chocolates and myself a package of the dark Cote d' Or that incandescens hooked me on a few years back. Devilish hard to find retail, usually have to go to the 'net to mail order it.

As I was leaving, I did what I usually do to owners of businesses that do unusually good stuff. I said, "I'm glad you exist."

Usually, the proprietor takes it figuratively as "I'm glad you've gone to the trouble of making this business." But this lady surprised me pleasantly by taking it literally. *grin* As did two of her customers as well, as they echoed the sentiment. So, today, at least one creature on this earth knows that their existence is appreciated by at least three others. A good thing, I think.

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