Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Joan's teenage step-daughter, Ashley, lost control of her car on the ice of the street we live on, so, after the accident, they managed to push the car into our extraordinarily extensive driveway and we stored it there until the melt. Yesterday, when Joan dropped Jet off while coming to test the car, they found that it couldn't turn left anymore.

So Joan told me that a tow-truck was going to come and take it away. Jet witnessed the conversation.

Immediately after, Jet could talk about nothing but the tow-truck that was coming. Then he pulled out his favorite, tiny Tonka trailer and matched pulling truck and kept telling me, "I trailer help! Trailer help car! See? See! I help 'lee's car." He demonstrated how his car could be pulled around on the trailer, and basically seemed to be offering the services of his trailer to help out Ashley's car.

It flabbergasts me that there seems to be a basic, driving force in Jet to help. It's very cool.

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