Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Jet had a four upper last night. Today we picked up his grandparents, which may have been why he was all confuzzled. We've had a really full afternoon, picking them up at the airport (which was totally empty compared to usual), and then going grocery shopping. Jet was so excited after that he wouldn't nurse real well, and when he did he spit up an enormous amount... but they're now feeding him solids and he's doing well with that.

So I'm going to have baby sitters in the house for the next couple of weeks and given that Joan, Haley, and Alex are in Eastern Washington for three weeks, this is a very useful thing indeed. I may actually rack up a lot of extra hours, and I'm going to be able to use two day's worth next week sometime. That should be good. Especially since I have a big push to get through in the next two weeks.

Tired, though. The whole transition thing of having other people in the house again is happening again, and it's okay. The whole communication thing having to work through again, though the last visit really helped with that. It will be good, and it'll be even keener to be able to go to a movie with John sometime this weekend, and napping... mmm... napping. :-) Yeah, it'll be cool.

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