Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Had a morning adventure with Jet and it turned out really well. My Thursday morning meeting finally went away, so we could just do stuff.

We had fun painting. Next time I should just get out my water colors and do my own project while he does his, then I won't nag him at all. I tried not to nag him at all; but when he started getting his brush to go THROUGH the plastic-lined freezer paper, I had to stop him. He also mixed his paints with enthusiasm, which drove me nuts, but I sat on my hands and tried to keep my mouth shut and the results were pretty darned unique...

But it'd probably be good to occupy Mama while he does his art work on his terms.

After that, we suited up and got into the Eurovan and headed for the Longmont Public library, which, it turned out, was mobbed with kids on the kids' floor. So he had fun running around with the other kids, popping into the puppet theater, and picking his very own book. Amusingly enough, he picked a "Find Waldo" book, which is filled with STUFF for him to name, point out, and find. The books in the kids' section are all laid out at their level, so it was easy for Jet to look through a lot of books. So I was pretty happy about that. I also found two picture books I wouldn't mind reading a few times for the next couple of weeks.

Jet also found the model railroad in the front lobby and spent rapt minutes staring at it and starting it up again with the button whenever it stopped. He was also very good when I told him that he could have two more pushes and then we had to go. No fights, no screaming when it was time. He had enough transition time, I guess to just do it.

We then hit rather disappointing McDonald's, as the "tubes" as Jet calls them, had no way of climbing up to the top of the laddar but by some really tall platforms that he just oculdn't get up without help. Once was enough for him, as I had to follow him up the sections and give him a boost for each of them. So we sat in the sunshine and he fed me his nuggets while he ate his fries and drank his pop and we played with his meal toy and his new McFish cards.

He was very happy with the cards when we went to the grocery store, and played with them while riding around in the cab of his grocery cart truck. I was pretty pleased that he was so occupied as that made getting groceries very quick. It took about ten minutes before he'd finally decided that riding in a truck was okay, and with his cards to go through, one-by-one, he was very content. He fell asleep on the ride home, and Joan just picked him up. It's going to be a busy day, as we have, as Jet put it "toys, swimming, and dinner!" after Joan drops him off back here.

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