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Cold Feet Remedy

My massage therapist told me that the hot packs she uses to warm up the massage table were made from cotton and rice. She used jasmine rice. Washed it clean of dust and then dried it in a 200 degree oven for an hour, stirring occasionally to keep it from sticking.

I have been tired of cold feet and of a hot water bottle that I keep losing the stopper to. I decided to buy some on-sale all-cotton flannel ($3.99/yd of 44 inch wide flannel) and, today, made a 22 inch by 18 inch 'pillow', added eight baffles, and then filled them with washed, dried calrose, as it was on sale at our local grocery store. Ten pounds for six bucks and I probably used three pounds of it.

Jet had fun sewing it together with me, but he's definitely entered the "Why?" stage. He asks "Why" for EVERYTHING, especially the things that he doesn't want to do.

We put it all together, and then stuffed it into the microwave for two minutes (she nukes 'em for five minutes but hers are always too hot for me to touch, really) and out came a beautifully warm hot pad that lasted, in the open air, for a good half an hour. Two and a half might do for getting me to sleep with the insulation of the blankets. I'll have to try it tonight. I was able to drape it over my shoulders and neck, though, and it helped, a LOT with the muscles there that never loosen up. Yay! My jaw feels much better now. Mmm...

Anyway... so I spent about four bucks for a good-sized pad. The commercial versions are around $30-40, so I felt pretty good about this usage of my time. It was fun, too, to show Jet how to sew things, how to fill a bobbin, and how to thread the machine. I don't think he could do it after that, but he was intrigued.

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