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Monk is one of my favorite shows, ever.

And in the midst of one, his psychiatrist is asking him about his sex life with his now-dead wife, and says something like, "We have twenty minutes left. We can just sit here and look at each other, we could sing showtunes to each other, or you can tell me about your sex life."

They sit there for a good minute, looking at each other.

And then Adrian quietly starts singing, "If ever I would leave you..." from Camelot.

And I started crying, quietly, and the song is now stuck in my head, associated with gut-deep anguish and tenderness and an abiding love that aches so deeply. It really rang true to my own emotional state. And so I've found myself singing it to myself all weekend long and today, too, when I was at work. I don't have the best of voices, but it has really sustained me in an odd way.

How amazing that the experiences and situations of fictional people help so much in dealing with reality.

Now I HAVE to find myself a CD copy of Goulet in Camelot

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