Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

This morning, when we had gotten Jet at pre-school, we took off his boots and my shoes as the yard was a mess of mud. I strapped Jet into his car seat. He asked for a package of fruit snacks.

So I opened them and set them gently in his lap before heading to my seat in the front.

Jet muttered something and it took me a moment to hear, "No chuck the boots."

"No chuck the boots?"

"No chuck my boots. No chuck fruit snacks."


John cracked up at this point. Turned out that, yesterday, when John picked up Jet from pre-school and took him on a long loop to get him to go to sleep, Jet had, on the freeway part of the loop, asked for fruit snacks. John had opened the package, and from the drivers seat, chucked them at Jet. They had hit Jet, bounced, and then scattered over the whole floor.

"Hey! Hit the floor!" said Jet. "Can't reach it!" as he strained against the straps.

John died laughing, and then apologized for chucking the fruit snacks, which is pretty much when the word stuck.

"No chuck da fruit snacks."

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