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Liralen Li

Hate to admit it, but I may well be giving up on my old, big journal. Too much of the immediate stuff goes into here, and the whole being able to lock some stuff from some people is just too useful for me to not use it, so I use this journal a lot more frequently than the old one, which I liked, and had a better, running account of my days, but it's so much harder for me to use. Okay, so it was nothing compared to even my previous web page, but that's a different story.

Jet was sick today. Just a runny nose and a head cold, but he was pretty continually irritable and irritated yesterday and today. He's been really contrary and really needing a lot of physical contact. I spent most of the morning with him in my lap, cuddled close, either watching TV or reading some books. I managed to keep supplied with tissues so that I could get his nose cleaned up every time he sneezed, but that was about all I accomplished.

Okay. So I also made the reservations for the developement group at a local pub so that they would have time to enjoy a lunch and, perhaps, a brew, tomorrow, after the integration meeting. That should be useful for everyone to relax a bit. I, on the other hand, will probably have to skip it to make an appointment with CeLena, my massage therapist, and Lee, a real estate agent that lives in Erie.

Rosty and I are thinking of moving into Longmont. We pretty much spend all our time there, and we originally bought this house, in this place, in part because we had Fezzik and we had another four or five Land Rovers. None of these things are true, and we now have a child, who gets up a lot at night, and it would be very, very nice to be able to have him sleeping on the same floor as we do. This would make life infinitely eaiser. It would also be nice to be in a neighborhood with kids he could play with. So we're starting to think about house shopping.

Also, since both Rosty and I have started or are starting new jobs in the near future, we finally realized there really was no way we were going to be able to move to the NW in the next year. And we might as well make life, every day, easier on our selves while interest rates are still in the basement. Besides, we'll probably be down-sizing, the property definitely, if not the house itself. And it'll be interesting to see how that goes about.

I do not regret skipping beer drinking for a massage. In the least.

Jet was tired enough that he went down for an hour-long nap at 10:30. Then Jet refused to do anything that might result in his going to Joan's and Haley's today, so I just called them up and said that we weren't going to make it. We then watched TV, sat around, and drank juice and tea all afternoon. Jet was actually okay with being on the couch for a while, which was nice, and when John came home, Jet was so obviously cranky that we set him down for another nap, and he's sleeping peacefully now. Whew.

I'm glad.

So I'm working a bit. I might hit the exercise bike or let John do it, as we were supposed to do the Rec. Center today. With Jet sick, he can't go into the kidcare there, and probalby shouldn't go swimming. So that's all good. Probably spicy chicken nachos for dinner tonight, as we have the last of the really jerk chicken (with a jerk marinade we bought in the Caribbean when we were on the cruise) that's spicy enough to make my head throb. We had that Sunday night. I'd roasted the chicken, and it was declared excellent, crisp of skin and tender of flesh. Great with leftover aloo gobi and jasmine rice. I like eating well at home.

But my lunch was a bowlful of medium grain rice I'd cooked for Jet. He'd refused to eat it, so he told me I wanted it, with furikaki "sprinkles". I had no better ideas, so I ate it while watching him play outside in the 40 degree, cutting wind weather, out in the sandbox. He was wise, though, and didn't play there for long, we walked to the mailbox and back to the house, and that was enough for him. Whew. But that did set up the first nap.

I'm hopeful for a good sleep tonight. I think I'll go use the exercise bike while Jet's asleep. Simple enough, and it'll leave him to Rosty when he wakes up, as just before this nap he refused to let Daddy even pick him up... which surprised the hell out of me, as I was a pretty cranky Mama today.

I think I'll try doing the daily stuff behind cuts as it seems that nearly no one does really long entries on a regular basis, and I know that I tend to skim or skip them when I'm well behind on my friends' list.

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