Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Today was a really busy day. Highly scheduled and densely packed. I also had the beginnings of Jet's cold to contend with and decided to just ignore it, which was actually fairly easy as it was just a sore throat and a little bit of a headache. I now know why Jet was so cranky the day before he was really sick.

My morning was filled with work, and the big coordination meeting, which was really nice because everyone else took the ball and ran with it. I didn't really have to be there to keep people on-track or focused on doing something they had to do anyway, but doing it together. That went to noon, we took a short break and then headed for the Pumphouse.

Lunch was good. We haven't had lunch out, as a group, for years. Literally years. So it was good to get everyone out and have a single beer and enjoy themselves and their food and the company. I had made the reservations, and everyone got there, no problem.

I had to run at 1:30, to get home in time to get to CeLena's, but I found Jet STILL awake. He'd had a great day after his one day of suffering, and was just full of it. Cheerful and rambunctious and ready to go go go... so I finally had to just grab him and nurse him and he went down for the count. That freed up John enough for me to get to CeLena's ten minutes late, where I had a pretty painful massage session. Everything ached, especially my right arm. I suspect that the last week of stress and terror really made everything unhappy and I really should have scheduled another session with her earlier in the week. Plus the stress on me of getting the HUGE integration done really did some harm to my arms.

So I had bruises on my right arm, where she'd tried to work things out, when I got back home at 3:30. The boys were in the Basement with Lee, the Longmont realitor, and they were going over the house. He was inspecting it to see what kind of price he'd come up with. He ended up having only four other comps (comparison homes) for this area and the Erie Air Park, both of which are private airparks. So his data was pretty sketchy. He had only found half a dozen homes that had sold in the areas for the last five years, and we knew that there had been others. But he was pretty earnest, and he gave us a good rundown of what his job was supposed to be, and he has a three-year-old son, so he didn't mind Jet's constant interruptions.

Jet wanted attention. But he wanted it from Lee. He did just about everything to try and get it, even riding his stick pony around, making it make all its noises, and then shoving it under Lee's elbow. Lee was GREAT about all that, and on that point alone, I really like him. *grin*

We still have our established "Talk with three agents before picking one" routine, which we've done in the past and had great luck with, as even the agents we don't pick give us good data and they don't mind the competition, on the most part. The market in this area has been dead for two years, and most agents are pretty hungry for business. They're happy to just get a chance at the listing, as the house is in great shape. And as much as I wanted to just go with Lee, I knew it would be better if we talked with other folks. While we were making an uninspired dinner, John and I talked it over and remembered a guy in the neighborhood who was an agent, who specialized in air park properties. So we called him up and got him, and then we got a call from the agent that "found us" this house, and we made an appointment with her for Sunday.

I say "found us" this house because we were actually the ones that found it. We drove by it, got the info, and then had her set the machinery going to get it for us. We had also been really unimpressed with her follow-through skills as we never saw her for any of the inspections, signings, or for the closing. It was pretty rotten on the tail end, but she was excellent at the beginning and pretty much took us to every single house in the listing area that was on sale, though she started with the 'good ones', which we had actually kind of liked.

Jet hadn't slept well last night, and had been really hard to get down, after his two naps. Today, though, he went down, no problem, and that was quite a relief.

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