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Miserably Sick

I now know why Jet wanted me to hold him for all of Thursday. I really could have just curled up in the rocking chair all day, demanding liquids and I would have been happier, I think.

Instead, we had another house inspection at 10. Jet actually ran up to the lady of the pair of realitors and jumped up into her arms and hugged her tight. He'd never seen them before, but I guess they fit his template of "Grandma and Grandpa", so they were to be trusted. This is good in my eyes. Older ladies will probably protect Jet with their lives, if he got lost from us, so I think this is a good thing to cultivate in him.

He ran around with us, as we walked through the house, explaining everything. In each bathroom, he'd point out, "This is the bath. This the hand-washing (as he'd point at the sink), and this is the potty!" That was pretty funny, especially as they were trying to kind of ignore him. When we went up to his room, he ran onto his bed, jumped off, fell over, and then giggled and did it again. The guy of the pair laughed and said, "You know, I'd forgotten what this can be like." Jet got them in the basement, and showed them his choo-choo. He even put on his engineer's cap just to drive the choo-choo and when they left without seeing his slide, he got so upset, he cried and cried and cried until they were kind enough to all come down and look at his slide.

After that he was willing to go outside with us to inspect the outbuildings. We have three. A garden shed, a four-stall horse barn, and a powered workshop. They were impressed by all of them. So that was cool. It should help with the price of the house, we think, having a complete ready-to-go workshop that can also park two cars if necessary.

When the real estate agents left, Jet wanted to stay outside so John took him, and then I swapped off, and watched for a while until our neighbor's kid, Ben, came out and Jet really wanted to play with him. When Ben's dad, Roy, came out as well, he watched both kids for about forty-five minutes while they just played and John went home for a nap and I watched Amy Tan on TV.

It was a CSpan2 coverage of the Key West writers' conference, and they were focusing on writers who were the children of immigrants. Wow. Her family was even more dysfunctional than mine. Wow. It was interesting hearing about her stories of her mother and her father, and I really got it when she said that her mother believed in Fate, that everything would always turn out terribly and that she worried all the time about how bad things could get. I especially remember her telling about her mother's version of the story of the "Bird and the Bees"... "If you kiss a boy, you can't stop. You can't stop, you have a baby. You put baby in a dumpster, police will come and haul you away. Lock you up forever. Might as well kill yourself." Wow.

I especially liked when she said that after her first book was written, how amazed she was to find how many Jewish families had the same dysfunctions hers did. Though that may well lie in the same roots. Many one generation immigrated Jews survived terrible things, and many Chinese of the same generation that got to this country survived really terrible things.

Still, she said that she felt sorry for all the Chinese who didn't have dysfunctional families that were being assessed and judged by the dysfunctional family in her books. That touched close.

At noon, I went to get Jet and had to physically pull him away from the other yard, get him home, and then he nursed, cold paws and everything. He went to sleep hard enough that I could put him in his own bed, so I did. I tried to nap on the couch, but I couldn't breath, at all, so I just fitfully napped on and off while watching some TV as well. John got a good four hours of sleep, which was very useful for him, as he felt much better afterwards.

Since we were all pretty much up and awake, we went out to do a few errands. We dropped off all the recycling, and did some grocery shopping, and Jet had a blast at both. He's much better, now, about not just going and knocking things off shelves and all that. He just goes with us, on the most part, and he understands that when I ask him, "Do you want to walk with us or shall I pick you up?" that it means he has to come with us, one way or another, and he will now ask to be picked up or start just walking the way we were going. He got to ride the race car, and make everyone laugh that came in the door. That was cool.

In the checkout line, Jet asked to be picked up, and so I picked him up and leaned against the booth behind us. Jet leaned his head against mine, and then spontaneously, he hugged me tight and kissed my cheek. I needed it badly, and I thanked him. I was pretty wiped by even that much activity. I am glad Jet got to stay home all Thursday, now, as I think that's why he really only had bad symptoms for a day.

Paul, the guy of the pair from this morning, called soon after we got home, to ask if he could drop by. I am now really glad that we did all three realitors. HE came up with over two dozen related listings, and he had the history of both airparks for the last couple of years, and had lots and lots of comparibles. So it was really nice to get all the data he had, plus a feeling that he really does know these properties better and knows how to sell them, and he has personal connections to all the pilots who have friends that might want to move in here. So it's interesting knowing how much he knows about this kind of place.

That was reassuring.

As much as I liked Lee better, as a person, Paul had the know-how. And I might feel better having him sell this house than having Lee do it. Though I'm still pretty convinced that I'd like Lee as a buying agent, i.e. taking us around to kid-friendly neighborhoods, though having him call us "Thirty-something with kid" was pretty amusing. He flatters us, I guess.

I made salmon soup for dinner, and we'd bought a nice, chewy dinner loaf of bread, and we had that. Jet sat at the table for grace, but he'd eaten an entire Pop-tart while coming home from the grocery store, so he wasn't that interested in food until nearly 8, when he asked for a smoothie.

I went to sleep, then. John said it would be okay, and I dosed myself up with a Nyquil take-off and when I still couldn't breath, I took a good whiff of Affrin and a Tylenol. That helped immensely, along with the warmth from my rice pack. Mm.... got some muscles in my shoulder and neck to finally unknot. Whew.

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