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Bigger Adventure Than We Thought

It turned out to be a much bigger adventure than we'd thought.

Thank goodness John hasn't been leveled by this cold the way I have. I suspect that the fact that he was actually able to sleep last weekend probably helped his immune system a lot. I had so much trouble sleeping last weekend, I don't think I ever caught up. This cold's gotten into my chest and it hurts.

So John took Jet to church, and they had a blast, actually. Jet had fun during class, then he went in with John to church, and giggled a lot in the back with Grace, who is nearly exactly Jet's age. They actually held hands and raced around and around and around in circles in the back and kept the giggles down enough not to disrupt things. Just barely. Then they rampaged up the aisles to the Kids' Message, rampaged back down and the whole gang of toddlers decided to go to Children's Church. Jet often goes there, as he's pretty interested and good about sitting still and not disrupting things. It's supposed to only be for five-year-olds and up. This time, though, with Macy, Grace, and Jet, it was nuts, so John finally cornered the toddlers, rounded them up and headed them off to the play room.

Where, of course, they promptly settled down and played with clay, cutting paper, and drawing. *giggles*. John was very bemused.

I, on the other hand, slept. I slept until 10, got up, made myself the waffle John had left me, and then went back to bed and slept until well past when they got home. I slept until 1:30, when I felt like I couldn't sleep any more, and then Colleen came. She was the realtor that had taken us around five years ago, and she wanted to see the baby, but Jet was pretty much asleep and stayed that way as she toured the house and sat down to figure out with us when she could talk with us.

She's a lot more... formal than either of the guys, and more social, which is an interesting combination. She's also very much into the advertising campaign thing, but with less background knowledge than the local guy. So I'm not... impressed. We'll see what she comes up with on Thursday, including her recommendations on timing.

Jet got up after she left. We played around in the house for a while, as it was grey outside. It started snowing, but John really wanted to have pho, so we decided we'd leave early, at 4:30, and see if we couldn't beat it. I told him we didn't have to do this if it was too much for him, as driving in driving snow, for me, is a nerve-wracking experience.

But he was game.

So we left. And the snow got thicker and thicker and heavier and heavier the further south we went. I-25 slowed to a crawl, as the pavement got slicker and slicker and as we moved over to take the ramp to 36, we saw that it was just packed, so John decided to take surface streets, which were getting slicker and slicker...

It was where you couldn't accelerate for quite some time, as the tires couldn't find a grip. Even the gradual hills here needed some momentum to get up them. There was a Beemer on an icy hill, with rear wheel drive that was just spinning frantically, uselessly, until the guy started going sideways into the other lanes of traffic. He, luckily, gave up long enough for us to get by. We got lost in the midst of a neighborhood, but there was a guy out sweeping the snow off his car. So we stopped and asked directions. Turned out we were a bare six blocks away from where we needed to be, so that worked out really well. I cannot make those jokes about a husband that doesn't ask for directions, as John does when we really are in trouble. It's a good thing, too.

I was so sick I couldn't really taste the noodles, and my soup wasn't as hot as I would have liked it. But drinking soup, at all, was a good thing. John's was good and hot and he and Jet plowed their way through a big bowl. I couldn't even finish my small. But it was good to be out of the cold and snow.

Getting home was less harrowing, as we took streets that John knew well, and there was far less traffic. Fewer people to hit us. The snow plows had also been through in the time it had taken us to eat lunch, a lot of the streets were already cleared and sanded. That was much more useful.

We got home at 7:30. Jet immediately started playing with his stuff. John said I could go to bed, so I did. Hot pad and all. That rice pad is working out really, really well, and I even put it under my back, as with this cold, for some reason, my lower back really hurts. And it helped that out a lot. Whew. I really hope this isn't pneumonia. Jet got over it so quickly... bleh...

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