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Getting Better

I actually had fun today.

Mostly because I decided to just skip on the work stuff and stay home and get better. John took Jet to Joan's at 8, as he was feeling fine, then, and I got to sleep in again. I was so glad of that. I didn't get up until well after 10, and when I did I took a long, hot shower and let the steam permeate my head. I needed that so badly. When I could finally breath again, and wasn't horking up gunk any more, I felt so much better I couldn't believe it.

I had my brain back.

So I went through a bunch of email, then wrote everyone to say that I was sick, and then proceeded to do some proofreading until 1, which is when I went to pick Jet up from Joan's. She was very glad to have helped me feel better. I was very glad, too, but sounded pretty hoarse anyway.

When Jet did fall asleep on our loop, I put him into our bedroom and thought to take another nap, with him, but I was having to blow my nose so much that I finally left the room. I lay down on the couch in the livingroom and went to sleep there. Mmm... another hour's nap, and when I woke up I was awake. I made myself some lunch, ate it, and when Jet came out, I was in the midst of making beef stew for dinner. We had a huge chuck roast in the freezer, and I thought I'd empty out some freezer space before my parents come in a week or so. They always manage to stuff the freezer, so I thought it would be the better part of valor to make them some room.

Jet asked for rice, sprinkles, and sauce for lunch, so I heated him his bowlful of rice, and sprinkled a little soy on the rice. He's been pouring it on, wholesale, the last several times, so I thought I'd be better off just putting it on myself. We then finished off the last bit of 'sprinkles' or katsu-flavored furikake in his jar, and I opened a new one for him and placed it next to him so he could pour it himself. Next thing I know he said, "All in the bowl." I blinked, and sure enough, he'd poured the WHOLE jar into his bowl. Bah. I spooned what loose, dry stuff there was on top back into the jar, half filling it, but the rest of it was pretty much a loss.

He ate some of it, but even for him a few spoonfuls of NOTHING but dried, salted, sweetened seaweed and fish was a bit much. He begged some drink and then gave up on the last of his lunch. He had, luckily, eaten most of his bowl of rice before he'd gotten bored enough to pour the whole jar into his bowl. I was definitely spending too much time getting the stew together for him; so when I finished all the work I had to do for that, we sat down and read for a while. He liked that.

With that late a 'lunch', which would normally have been a snack except that he hadn't really eaten anything at Joan's, he really didn't have any appetite for dinner. So we didn't push it. He did sit with us and hold hands for grace, and he did lick all the sour cream off his requested "cream and crackers", but he was bored pretty quickly, and went to play with his cars. I wasn't disappointed by that, given his 'snack'. We, on the other hand, had a marvelous dinner. I made garlic bread to go with the stew, though it might as well have been plain toasted dinner bread, as the stew itself was so flavorful. I did a weird mix of the Best Recipe's beef stew with a recipe I found on a shelf at Carl's house. The lady in it had used a can of Campbell's Tomato Bisque and only Tomato Bisque for part of the liquids for the stew, and while I hadn't really liked her pile everything in and bake technique, the bisque really did impart a very nice flavor to it. So I used the Best Recipe's technique, but added the bisque as part of the stock/wine mixture, and it turned out very, very nicely. Tasty, as Jet would have put it if he'd deigned to even taste any of it.

Ah well. John faded quickly after dinner. I got to read the scripts for the first two episodes of the first season of Buffy, as a friend of mine loaned me the DVD. It was fun to read. I have always thought of scripts as being a sketchy kind of thing where the actions are outlined and the lines are specified, but this was much more thorough than I thought they would be. So maybe I should read more scripts, as it was kind of haunting to have the episode play through my brain as the script's going by. But when I was done with the scripts it was obvious John was fading so I sent him off to sleep.

I have a headache, but the rest of me is infinitely more functional than it's been for three days. So Jet and I played some and then, when he got frustrated with something for the fourth time I proposed reading a book. He pulled out his I Spy School days book, and in the middle of it is an amazing contraption for popping a balloon. We went through all the pages up to that one, just pointing things out and naming them. He's getting quite the vocabulary simply by all the naming of things we do and he asks us to do. When we got to that one we started that way, and then I couldn't resist and started to follow, with my finger, the path of consequences. I also narrated what happens when, and Jet got ALL excited. He hadn't seen it as connecting before, and after I went through it the one time he started narrating the first couple of segments himself, but then he'd get stuck and ask me to 'tell' it for him. So I did it until I was coughing so hard I couldn't talk anymore, and he was content, then, to get changed, have his teeth brushed, and he had to have the book tenting his head while he nursed, so he could look at it, which is a really funny way to nurse...

But he would open his eyes, see it was there, and close them again. So he went to sleep really quickly even compared to usual. So that's a good sign for the night. He may, however, wake up talking about the hand pushing the marble... *grin*

I actually feel pretty good, today. I'm glad I took it off sick. Physically, I'm still trashed, but it's good to be able to believe that I'm not going to die of this stupid cold, and better yet to be able to do a few things I really wanted to do, like catch up on the daily stuff and try out this interface for getting things posted during the weekends. I normally didn't get around to weekends very well when I was writing things into the Visor and posting them on my big journal, so this may be a way around it. We have the really well connected machine in the kitchen, so it may well be easier to update regularly this way than the other. I'm glad of that.

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