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Tastes Like Magnet

I spent today sick, too. Mostly because I found it impossible to sleep last night, between coughing my lungs out and not being able to breath through my nose. It was 2 before I finally dosed myself with enough shit to actually get to sleep. Bleh. So I woke up more bleary than I'd been all the previous day. Maybe the Nyquil-like things were useful for sleeping...

Anyway... so I napped in the morning when Jet was at pre-school, and then played with him for most of the late afternoon. At dinner time I decided I wanted some New York style pizza for dinner, so we went to Abo's. It's the locak, thin-crust guru of a place, and the Niwot branch is better than all the others. So we went there.

Jet ate a quarter of a HUGE slice of pizza, then picked off all the pepperoni and ate that. Then he was done, and went around the metal counter, pulling off all the letter magnets. I helped him put some of them back on and when he figured out the knack of it, he put the rest back on himself and then started sorting them into like sizes. Sorting boy. He ran across the Abo's advertising magnets and started peeling them ALL off. I asked him to put them back, but he refused, so I finally got all but three of them away from him, and put them back on. He was bound and determined to keep his three, and so he did.

They were a good thing when we went to the Niwot grocery, as they kept his hands busy as we bought ice cream for his birthday party this coming Friday. We also got a can of beans, some carrots, and a few other things and he cheerfully climbed a magazine rack while we paid for them. He didn't spill or step on a single magazine, so I count that a success. He almost left his magnets, though, and I reminded him of them. He searched for them anxiously, and then ran for the car with them clutched in one fist.

On the way home, John and I are talking about all kinds of stuff. In the midst of one discussion I hear the distinct sounds of a toddler chewing, noisily and with that smack smack smack of great satisfaction.

"What are you chewing on, Jet?"

smack smack smack



"Pizza?" A beat. "You can't be chewing on pizza. The leftovers are out of your reach. What are you chewing on?"


"Hmmm my foot. What are you chewing on?"

"Pizza magnet."

"ARGH. " from me. Laughter from John. I think about it. It's not like it's going to kill him. Plastic, mostly.

"What does it taste like, Jet?"

"Mmmm..." a thoughtful pause, "like magnet."

I die laughing.

He didn't swallow any, there were flakes of refrigerator magnet and pieces of some lollipop stem he'd been chewing on a previous day all over the back of the van. Easy to vacuum when it all dried. Yucky when wet. Bleh.

So we're home. We settle in. We watch Spike's Takahashi's castle remake, which Jet calls "the fall-down guys". Lots of "owies" from all of us. Then, when the commercials come, Jet goes, "Where they go?" and before John can answer Jet says knowingly, "Oh, right. Commercials. Dang commercials."

From the mouths of babes...

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