Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Working Day!

Actually went into work this morning! After Jet ate half a bowl of Corn Pops and milk along with a whole fruit smoothie. I sounded like I was dying for breath all the time and I coughed and blew my nose a lot during my meeting, and a co-worker brought some treats from Hummingbird teahouse that were marvelous except that John and I went to Luna's for breakfast and I had a beautiful apple cinnamon scone I had to eat first. But I brought the blueberry pastry home with me, which was great.

But I had a brain! Woohoo!!!

Did a few things, too.

Came home, rescued Jet from pre-school, where he was having a blast playing outside in the mud, and we went right home. Served Jet rice for lunch, and he had it with a little sauce and just a few sprinkles. John and I finished off the last of the salmon soup and some crackers. Jet stole a few of my crackers, too, eventhough they were the round ones he usually avoids, i.e. Ritz. He liked sitting in my lap and getting in the way of me eating my soup, but in a friendly, cuddly way. Then he decided he didn't want me holding him, so he went by himself on the carpet and lay there playing with his cars and the next thing I knew, he was asleep on the floor. So I picked him up, tucked him into bed, and let him sleep.

I finished reading the boxed set of Patrick M Lencioni's business fables, "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", "The Four Obessions of an Extraordinary Executive", and "The Four Temptations of a CEO". Interesting format. I think that all the proofreading I've been doing has boosted my reading speeds again. Oddly enough. So I finished all three books today, without much pushing, though there were moments when Jet wanted my attention, later in the evening, but John was successful at parleying him into less active interventions.

They're simple books. Hard to describe, really, though all the reviews on Amazon make all the points that the books make. Still, the telling of it within a story is very effective. I think I'll remember the ideals, but also that they're actually very hard to follow on a consistent basis. It also sheds light on some of the human practices that Xilinx has put into effect and why they thought they were a good idea.

John had also found the name and number of a realtor who had a client who wanted to buy in our neighborhood. He came to peer at the house and say that he'd love to show it to his clients, and that he was willing to do the normal half-fee he would normally have gotten if we'd listed it with someone before he got here. Saves us 3% off commission, which is very nice. We talked things over, signed the one-seller one-buyer contract, which we'll have to declare to any agent that might list our house. Only fair. And they may come Saturday to see the house. It would be bemusing to sell our house this way, without an agent, per se.

There was another lady agent who has sent a similar letter during the summer, but we can't find the letter.

Jet slept 'til 4, when we woke him up, and I made cassoulet for dinner. A cut-down version that is quite good, still, from Simple. Jet refused to eat it, but he helped, quite a lot with making it, and liked that attention. He peeled carrots and parsnips and watched me smash garlic and cut onions and tomatoes. He liked that, but he only wanted dried ramen for dinner.

I got to work a bit after dinner, while John took care of Jet. I needed the time. Also decided to clean out my eskimo mail box, and catch up here, a bit. Is nice to have the ability to focus.

Both John and I had a terrible time sleeping last night, waking each other up with coughing until we both took a cough suppressent and finally got some sleep. Whew.

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