Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Deciding on an Agent

A good day, today. John stayed home for most of the morning, so that we could talk to Colleen together. She came at 11, and Jet got all excited when she rang the front door's doorbell. She came in and did great with Jet. They got along famously, getting all excited about Jet's birthday party tomorrow, and she was playing with him really well for parts of the conversation. Jet got out ALL the handmade socks I'd made him, and she was very impressed. Even more so when he named them as being green in color with a pink seam for the toes. *grin*

She brought her self back to business and she went through her comps and her plan of attack for the sale of the house. She was even able to keep to the conversation when Jet decided to sing and then to nudge her elbow to put his socks on his feet. I persuaded him to come around the table and let me do the putting on of socks.

Up to this point I'd been pretty convinced that Pete (the local guy) would be selling the house and Lee would be helping us buy the new one; but we also knew Colleen from before, and within the hour she'd impressed me with her plan of attack on selling the house AND she made several shrewd judgment calls on how certain neighborhoods would fit or very much NOT fit us and our personalities. It's something of a contradiction having forty-something, pretty damned eccentric us in a neighborhood for small kids; but there are a few neighborhoods that successfully mix both those types of people. So we'll see how it goes.

It surprised both John and I to realize we really wanted to work with Colleen. That besides all the technical advantages of either of the other, she would be FUN to work with. She was lots of fun the last time we worked extensively with her. On top of that, we asked her, very directly, about the problems we had the last time we worked with her, and she answered with what she'd done to change the structure of her office and her co-workers. She apologized for past problems, and said that her customers had been far happier with her and her office since she'd made the changes, most of which were that all the partners knew each other's business and were willing to pick up if the customer needed something. So all three of them would view the house, and all three of them would know what to do about it if we called.

So that was good.

Joan picked up Jet at the end of the conversation, saying hi to Colleen in the process. Jet was so excited he hadn't eaten anything but a few pepperoni, beyond the smoothie he'd had for breakfast, so Joan promised to offer him something.

So I actually got to work part of the morning, with John in the house. I then got to work the next two and a half hours, nonstop. Nice. When I went to get Jet, he was crashed out on the couch with Haley. They'd gone to sleep soon after Jet had gotten there and stayed there. Wow. So Jet had been asleep for a good two and a half hours. I was glad I got there in time to wake him up before the terrible three hours of nap.

We went home, played a bit. I gave him some chocolate milk and got to work a little more, as he was willing to watch some cartoons. Then we headed into Longmont in the Eurovan.

On the way into Longmont, Jet kept asking if we were going swimming. I had to repeat, several times, that both John and I were too sick to go swimming. He just didn't seem to get it, but was willing enough to get out of the car when we got to the salad bar place we usually eat at. He was a little crabby, but as soon as he got his plateful of food and started just eating away at it, he perked up. He finished his plate of stuff, ate a couple slices of melon, and then demanded some ice cream. When he finished his ice cream it was obvious his energy levels were much, much higher.

So we walked/ran the whole way across the immense parking lot to the Paper Warehouse. The parking lot was for a Hobby Lobby, a Wal-Mart, and some other stuff, so it was a pretty long walk. Jet ran the ENTIRE way, and dragged John after him for most of it. So he burned a lot of that energy on the way over. In the warehouse we picked up some party items for Jet's party, tomorrow. He found some truck-shaped icing decorations that he would NOT let go of, and we ended up buying them for him. We got party favors, hats, cups, thank you notes, decorations, and all kinds of stuff. Jet ended up with the bag, and he manfully hauled it to Wal-Mart, where we scattered to find magnets for a Go-Fish game we were thinking of doing.

I ended up getting really distracted by yarn. Hee.

Didn't buy anything, but both John and Jet were kicking their heels by the exit when I finally found them. We headed back towards the car, but we'd promised Jet that he could see the choo-choo store. The hobby shop was there, and since we'd promised, Jet got choo-choo time while we wandered the aisles of engines, paint, car model parts, and paint-by-number kits. Hee. It was pretty funny. We always go in there to allow Jet to play, but we almost never buy anything, other than during the Christmas crush. Then we bought stuff, so I don't feel too guilty.

From there, Jet wanted me to carry him to the car, so I did, and he was easy to settle into his seat. He talked to me and sang the whole way home, which was good as I was pretty tired.

He ran around the house like a loon while John and I called various people. John called the other two realtors and found out that both of them actually have people they think might be potential buyers, so we talked with Colleen about that, and she said that if she didn't have to do any of the marketing, she'd be entirely willing to act as a consultant for us and just get paid an hourly rate rather than a commission. That would make life easier for all of us. While Colleen is very professional at selling houses, it's not the thing she loves to do, which is matching people up with the houses that are perfect for them. So she'd be happy if we managed to sell it on our own. That was something of a relief after the other two guys, who, very much wanted their commissions. So it is working with an agent who owns her own business rather than someone working for one of the big houses.

Jet loves the heliosticks, the things you rub between two palms and they start flying? Well, he liked giving them to John or I, running to a corner and asking us to fly them to him. That occupied him for a very long time, and we traded off who flew them as we needed to talk to various people. So that was cool.

A busy evening.

I was lucky, last night, and took the Nyquil-equivalent stuff and had a GREAT sleep. I needed it after the last two nights, and it cleared things out enough that I could rest and dream of the fables I had absorbed during the day. That actually made for good, energetic dreams. Interesting.

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