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Jet's Birthday Party


I didn't know there was that much energy in the world, still. Thought entropy would have had it bagged by now... but, man, get seven kids into a room with cake, ice cream, and tons of toys and a couple of games... Yeesh...

Macy is 2. Jet and Grace are 3, just. Haley's 3 but nearly 4. Alex is 7. Tanner and Kallen were 'older', but not quite as old as worldly Alex. *grin* The big boys were very glad of the other big boys, and they had a blast running around like crazy. We had just the little ones to start, as Tanner was asleep, and the other two were still at school. It was pretty fun getting them to play 'pin the tail on the jet' (we'd made up a paper jet plane on the wall) and had the kids blindfolded, place a triangular 'tail' somewhere on the wall and then taped it there to see how everyone did. It was fun, with them, to just go through the ritual of three spins and then getting to the wall. Everyone got cheers. Hoorah!

Then we scattered a couple dozen paper fish with paperclips and gave out fishing poles with magnets tied to them, and no one put an eye out, by some miracle... but they got ALL the fish, quite efficiently, too. It was fun seeing all the kids leaning way over the back of the sofa so they could see where their lines were going. They had a blast, and burned another half an hour.

At 4, the big boys arrived, and Jet got to opening presents. He got lots of good loot. Play-Doh, a tank, books, clothing, Candy Land, Chutes and Laddars, and, from us, a big box of dominos. Bemusingly enough, the big box of dominos caused the biggest stir with all the kids. Jet guarded them with his life, but everyone wanted a tile or three, and it was like watching bees swarm around spilled honey... whew.

Before any fights could break out, we decided to serve the cake and ice cream. There was a school bus with Big Bird, and a tow truck with the Cookie Monster driving, and Jet loved those so much he insisted that we wash them clean even before he'd eaten his cake or ice cream. Of course THOSE were the toys he kept with him the whole time, and ran around in the basement with.

Yes, after cake and ice cream and juice, we had all the kids go into the basement and run wild. The huge electric choo-choo that could ride two kids went around and around, and all the other kids played dodge-the-train. Macy, the smallest, managed to just plant her feet on the track and STOP the train with the two kids in it. Hee. Strong, tough little girl. She was adopted from China, one of the abandoned girl babies... and she's quite the character, now.

They played until about 5:30 and all of them had to go home. It was a great party, and Jet gave everyone a hug and a kiss and a heartfelt "Thank you!" as they left. That was cool. Then John and I collapsed, ordered delivery Chinese food, and vegitated.

We'd spent the day frantically working while Joan had Jet. They were packing up for their mountain vacation in Breckenridge, and Joan took the kids to shop for Jet's b-day presents, but he and Haley were so busy running up and down the store that he had no idea what she'd bought for him. That was fun.

At 11, John got called about some emergancy at work, so I hopped into the Eurovan and got Jet. Since it was 11:27 when I got home, John and I just traded places in the driver's seat, and he took Jet out on a Loop to get him to go to sleep. He finally did a bit before 12, and I had my meeting at 11:30. It was a pretty intense, working meeting, which was very good for my morale and for my heart. While Jet slept, John cleaned up the house, and we set to making paper fish, fishing poles, and the jet to pin a tail on.

When Jet woke up, he nursed for a while, and I asked him if he wanted a shower. He said no, so I went and took my shower myself. I needed it.

While John was prepping stuff for the birthday, Jet saw the presents and said, "It's Christmas!" John laughed and explained to him about his birthday again. That he was going to be three, and that this was to celebrate that.

Jet listened carefully, and then said, "I will be three--in two minutes."

Which made John blink. Two minutes is our usual amount of warning time before we have to move on to something else, but given that it's still three more days until his actual birthday, it's close to that number of days...maybe it's just his way of saying that it's not now, but it's going to be in the future.

So we've had a pretty darned busy day, all in all.

The surprising thing is that Jet's dead calm this evening. He just won't eat anything, but he is quietly playing with the Play-Doh and making nearly no mess to speak of. This morning, when John had him, he wouldn't eat ANYTHING for breakfast, so we finally took him to the Eric Mall (i.e. the local Conoco) and got him a Krispy Kreme donut with sprinkles. He ate the whole thing in the time it took to get back to Joan's. That was impressive.

I'm still not sure he'll eat anything tonight. He only had a bite of his birthday cake and three bites of ice cream. So there's probably room for chicken or a corn dog or something. I should try it.

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