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A CLOSE Super Bowl.


I am very grateful that it was actually a really exciting game for once, and not only graced with interesting commercials.

Had a good day, though, as usual, with more people in the house there was more negotiations involved.

Jet had a great afternoon. He ran around half-naked and even pooped in the potty. He did have one accident, but he was playing with Play-Doh. And maybe we should have been MORE insistent after he'd gone over two and a half hours without visiting the potty, but we really wanted him to be responsible for figuring out when he had to go.

Mom and Dad went with us to church and got a very warm reception. It was good, and plenty of fun, and afterwards, we drove around to some of the neighborhoods we hadn't seen before and it was fun having their commentary on the neighborhoods and houses as well. They very much approved of our so-far favorite from the outside ranch house in a pretty nice neighborhood a bare half a mile from work. We could walk to work from there. My.

The folks that were looking at our house today were only supposed to be there for half an hour. But that was a bit later than we got out of church, so we added a trip to Home Depot to get my mom and dad another key to the house. So we copied the key and then headed home. We did try to go to the Vietnamese place for lunch, but they were closed on Sundays, so we went home, instead.

Lunch was soup and grilled, smoked turkey sandwiches. We had a Super Bowl Snack of a plateful of potato chips, onion soup dip, and a plateful of chicken wings. Spicy wings. Mmmm... Jet liked the dip, and actually tried it so I have some hope with guacamole-type chip-dips and/or other vegetable dips, too.

Jet was being a bugger about eating today. I think he is feeling the pressure my Mom and Dad are applying, but he did eat when he was sitting in John's lap, so that was a good thing. Altogether he ate an entire apple, a stack of crackers, some yogurt, a few bites of bread, a few bites of rice with furikake, and a bunch of milk and juice.

IJet did sleep through the night, last night, for the first time in a while. He's always more active with grand-parents are around. I had some trouble getting to sleep last night. Thinking too much. But I finally turned off the brain tap by doing a very simple Yoga breath meditation, and managed to go to sleep. Whew. I am drinking some Sleepytime and will probably try and use the meditation when I go to bed tonight. It should help.

Tonight, Jet almost went to sleep three times. With Mom, while she was reading to him after she'd brushed his teeth. With John when he was reading to him, after he'd already brushed his teeth, but then I remembered that I had to make bagels for tomorrow morning. Mom and Dad keep saying they want to go buy bagels, and John kept telling them that we could make them, and I finally gave up and made them tonight while they were trying to put Jet to bed, and I know how frustrating that can be. But I wanted to do it. So I did, and when I had to let the dough rest before shaping them, I nursed Jet and put him to bed. Everyone went to sleep when I took over, so I am, again, the last one standing. grin

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