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Picking Up My Parents

We spent most of the morning just trying to catch up on sleep. I slept with Jet from 4 am. He woke up, probably around 7:30 or so, and was willing to play around me until we both heard John downstairs. I wanted to give John as much time as he needed to catch up on sleep after a hard week, so I got up then, and went back to bed until about 11 am.

We had eggs, bacon, and hash browns for breakfast/lunch after John ran off to the post office after I got a lung and nose clearing shower. That was good. Usually, when either John's parents are here or my parents are here I have to admit that I eat better when they're around. Appearances sake? I don't know.

But John check the web site and their plane was running twenty minutes EARLY, so we high-tailed it for the airport. Jet fell asleep on the way there, but when John picked him up, after we'd parked in the parking lot, Jet woke up again, and was very alert the moment he discovered that he was at the airport. That was cool. Jet and I went to the area where everyone comes up out of the subway and stood there for a while, as there was nothing and no one at the luggage claim, yet. John went to the restroom, came back, took my order for a mocha and disappeared again. When he came back, Jet ate all the whipped cream off my drink before he'd let me drink any. The problem with an open-top drink, I guess.

Jet finally got impatient waiting for Granny and Grandpa to appear and wanted to WALK. So we walked. But then he hopped in front of me, with his arms in the air and said, "Up! Up and walk! Up and walk." He wanted me to pick him up and then walk. *giggles* He didn't want to be the one actually WALKing...

So we headed out to the luggage area, and John and Jet explored all the interesting machinery. That was cool. I just sat on the ground and when I spotted Mom approaching, I got up and waved, and hugged them hello.

Jet ran to them and gave them both a BIG hug and kiss and then danced around while we waited for their luggage. He walked with my Mom to the car, and talked the whole way. It was pretty cool. I'm really glad he likes them, it'll make having them fill in for Joan that much better.

We headed out into the falling snow and headed for the grocery store. There was supposed to be a couple of inches tonight, we'll see how it goes. But we decided to stock up before going home, including a lot of stuff Mom and Dad really need to survive at the house. Jet was very happy to go shopping with us, and ran around like crazy. He started running into people and we had to curb him a bit and ask him to stay with us, instead of running wild all around us. He asked why, but then did what we asked of him. That was unexpected, but very nice.

Home again, home again, and the snow never got too bad, but it was coming down steadily.

Colleen left a lock box and a message saying that someone was going to tour our house, tomorrow!! She also left Jet a Lego jet plane, for 4+, so Jet had me put it together with him while everyone napped. He actually was able to put some pieces together, his practice with his large Lego blocks really helped him with the idea of push until it clicks and push from a good angle to get the pieces to go together. So he had the basics. I'll be frightened, though, if he every puts the whole thing together... 56 pieces. Still he had a lot of fun running around and flying the jet everywhere.

Occasionally, he'd yell, "I hit a rock!!" and drop the plane. Pieces would fly off, and he'd bring them all to me to put them back on. My Mom was great and when he said it again, she said, "A meteor! You hit a meteor!" And Jet picked up a new word. Now he runs around and says, "Hit a me-tee-or!"

Mom made dinner. She'd brought along a big box of Chinese spaghetti sauce with noodles, and we ate that along with a couple of thinly shredded cucumber. It was very good, very quick, and Jet refused more than a nibble of the noodles. Blah.

The wife of a friend of ours called and asked for some help for her husband, so John went out to talk with him. Some of what she told us disturbed me badly. But so it is.

And I got to spend the evening with my parents, and it was pretty cool, actually. We got to talk about my job and my new job and a lot about Jet. Jet ran around, played with dominoes with my dad, and generally behaved himself. Since he'd had a short nap, however, he got pretty cranky-tired pretty quickly. My Dad showed me some of his Yang-style tai-chi and it stirred up old memories of the years I took the same style of Tai Chi and we started doing a few things together. Jet got tired of us not paying attention to him and started running into us. He'd wind up from halfway across the room and run, bodily, into us. Thing with tai chi, though, is that if you're well planted enough, it didn't budge us at all. Jet just ended up bouncing, and trying again, and again, until I just caught him and held him.

I didn't want him trying and bouncing and getting himself hurt. So it is.

I think if I weren't a mom, I'd have considered it more of a challenge or something... but he really needed to go to sleep. So Mom and Dad went downstairs, and Jet went to sleep nigh instantly. I think with all the energy he expended to day, he should be okay tonight. He'll likely sleep better than I will.

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