Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Ah well, so much for 'expired'. The key stash at still has a bunch of the old keys. Still, it's for a very old account, so I'm not so sad. Since I signed a bunch of my friends' keys, I'll at least have a few secure keys to start.

The day's been good. Fridays usually are. Everyone is out on a walk at the moment, and it's a hot, sunny day. The leaves are starting to turn gold, and everything is pointing towards fall.

Jet's been having a pretty good day today, too. He was only up twice the last two nights, so that's definitely better. He gets tired from the day's attention, but he seems to enjoy it a very great deal. He's even napping. Amazing.

I'm too caught up in work to have tremendously interesting days, but this weekend we're likely going to go up into the mountains to just look at the turning aspens. They say that the valleys turn to fluttering gold up there. So we'll get to see for ourselves, maybe even find some significant ground water to sit by and just listen to it run. We'll get to see how Jet does on long car trips or if he's just going to sleep through them and then do terribly at night. It'll be interesting all in all. It'll be something of a trial run for Orycon, to see how Jet does in hotel rooms, and how he does away from home now that he's much larger and much more active. We'll see if he really can sleep in a dresser drawer. Hee.

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