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Jet's 'Real' Birthday

Jet's birthday is actually today. Groundhog Day. Clear as a bell, and Jet saw his shadow and immediately tried to jump up and down on it.


It was a good day, too, for a Monday. A few distressing meetings, and broken up during the day at work because of the meetings, and I got very little done with some new priorities and people coming to me and being really angry about extra work they had to schedule, make public and do.

Okay. So not that good a Monday, at work.

But at 4:30, John and I left for the Rec. Center. Dad came with Jet, and went to the kidcare with him to take pictures/video of him with the other kids, and then left to pick up Mom to meet us for dinner at Saigon Express.

Jet had a blast at swimming. It's been a full two weeks since he's been able to swim, between his cold and ours, and he porpoised through the water like a fish coming home... he really liked diving under the surface, opening his eyes and then clawing and kicking his way to his intended target before coming up for a breath or two. He's doing great at this swimming thing.

We were in the 'lazy river'. Jet was perched on John's legs while John had his feet wedged up on the opposite side of a innertube-shaped, transparent float. John accidentally lost traction with his feet, and Jet went down, to the bottom of the current pool, hanging onto John's feet. By the time we pulled him back up, quite a lot of time had gone by, but Jet had held his breath the whole time and came up cheerful as ever. Yow.

We did the slide half a dozen times, some of them in the big eight-shaped, double-floats, which were a chore to get out of, but fun nonetheless. My cold made climbing the two flights of stairs a bit much, but I managed.

After showering, we went to work for John to pick up something, and Jet realized that he'd left his trucks at the kidcare, so we went back, got them, and still arrived at Saigon Express with a few minutes to spare. Jet proceeded to inhale a lot of rice noodles, soup, and then asked for a bowl of rice, which he ate a portion of and impressed my mom. *grin* That was cool.

We then went home and I talked with Jet the whole way. About swimming, trees, his birthday party, his day with Mom and Dad, how happy he was it was his birthday, and about the presents he'd get to open when we got home. He was really tired from the long day and the swimming, but he managed to stay awake until we got home. And when he got home, he got an extra boost from being able to open presents!! Today three packages appeared on the doorstep! Mom and Dad had also brought their present and Kathy's as well. So Jet had a pile to open, again, and he tore in with a vengeance.

He loved it. He got a GIANT construction equipment book from Kathy. He had to look through the whole thing before moving onto Mom and Dad's gears. Then he got the Bellingham bunch's trucks and planes, the Portland folks' grab-bag of goodies, and the Ashland folks' truck and plane that could be taken apart with the power tools in the same box. Hee. He loved them all. I called Kathy's number, and Jet left a message for her, saying "Tank 'ew, Unca Kaat-ee."

Kathy called later in the evening, from work, to wish Jet Happy Birthday, and she got a prompted response from Jet that he willingly gave. That was pretty fun, especially when John picked up the phone from Jet after Jet was done and asked, "Could you tell he was prompted?" *giggles*

I got a good, long talk in with her. That was cool.

I was so tired, though, from the last several days, that I then proceeded to make myself ready for bed, and after Jet nursed and went to sleep, I immediately headed for bed. There's a lot to prepare for, for Jet's birthday party at his pre-school, tomorrow, but I was so tired I couldn't deal and decided that I would be able to deal with it tomorrow. I will, too.

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