Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Pre-School Party for Jet

I felt MUCH better for the early bed time when morning rolled around. I had taken care of Jet at 4, snoozing a bit with him afterwards, and then going back to my own bed. He didn't get up again until 7, which was perfect so far as I was concerned.

John and I coordinated and got carrot cake muffins done for the kids' snack-time at pre-school. Then the two of us went upstairs and wrote Jet's 'story' for the last three years. Two sentences per year. Talk about condensing a life. It was kind of cool, though, as John had really thought things through, and the first year was Jet discovering how to control his body, the second was a love-affair with mobility, and the third has been an exploration of other kids and his relationships with them and with the world. There's much MORE to it than that, but that is, in essence, the rungs of the ladder he's climbed so far.

We wrote it up, printed it, and I immediately deleted it. Hee.

Then we took muffins, my Mom and Dad, Jet, and the story to Wendy. She was going to read it as both John and I had meetings right in the midst of the celebrations, so we just couldn't make it. On the way there we had all kinds of issues with getting Jet to do ANYTHING, especially with putting a coat or anything on again. It was a recurrence of all the fights I thought we'd gotten over, already. Bleh.

But Wendy decided to stay inside instead of out in 17 degree weather, and all the adults went back to the house. Mom and Dad were going to join the festivities at 9:30 and we got our lunch and took the other car into work.

Work was... depressing in a way. I realized that I have 25 hours a week. 5 are promised to another division. 7-12 are taken up in meetings. 7 are standing, the others are reviews, emergencies, or brainstorming problems. So I'm left with only 12-8 hours a WEEK to actually work on anything. This isn't even including administrative stuff, machine outages, or other shit. Bleh.

We're going through a scheduling process, and figuring out better ways to get more realistic schedules. This is a good thing. Still, it's really depressing for me to realize how much time I'm really spending on things that aren't 'my deliverable'. Bleh.

John says it's mind-reading when I say my boss won't be happy with that, and he's right. My immediate boss has always been upfront about wanting to use my experience and expertise for the good of the group; but STILL.

I guess the other side of the coin is to look at how much I have actually gotten done in the time I've had, which is considerable...

We didn't get home until 5:30 and found Mom cooking up a great, quick dinner for us. Jet sat with us and ate his corndog with mustard and then a plateful of chips and his juice, and he had a GREAT dinner. That was really good. I think he's finally settling down with his grandparents being here and doing more his usual thing. That is good. It pleased everyone and Jet even said that he was happy to be there, too. Hoorah!

Everyone told about Jet's party. Mom said that Joey and Katie both ate a carrot cake muffin. Jet ate the pat of butter off the top of the muffin and then asked Wendy for more!! *giggles* Mmm... butter boy. They were pretty impressed by the story that Wendy told, so that was cool that we spent the time to get all that written.

John's great and giving me time to catch-up and figure out where I am and what I'm supposed to be doing. I'll get my head on again, eventually, I think... and this is great experience, in some ways, for when I'm managing. To really understand the human factor involved in scheduling and some techniques to not let enthusiasm get in the way of getting a handle on reality.

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