Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Houses in the Snow and Being Able to Sleep

Went to work early with John and stopped by Luna's for a really nice espresso drink and a light, fluffy and utterly delightful chocolate croissoint. Wow. Bittersweet chocolate is the only thing that can match that crisp richness.

Worked all morning. Had a meeting in the middle of the morning and finally got the thing off my chest that was eating my sleep last night. I presented my schedule, along with everyone elses. The sticky bit is the simple fact that I have, effectively, a 2 hour day. Bleh. Hard to realize, but good to report and when everyone just accepted it as matter-of-fact I was very relieved. Helped that Smitha, who is also part time had the same trouble I do.

Spent most of the rest of the morning basking in the relief.

At 12:30, John called, and we had lunch in the cafeteria. We met Colleen in the front entryway and I ran up to get my coat and use the little girls' room before running off to look at a plethora of houses in far less time than I thought I could do it in. It was nice.

Another hour's work, then home through falling snow and on slicker roads. John then drove the Eurovan, with all of us in it, to north Boulder to the China Gourmet. It was a white-knuckle experience for me. The van was actually doing really well for traction with all of us in it and its relatively narrow tires. And John was just happy as a clam to do it, but I probably should have sat in the back with Jet or something, as it was totally nerve-wracking for me.

China Gourmet was great. The owner-lady actually came to take our order!! Normally, you're supposed to go to the counter and order there, but Mom and Mei discussed the menu with her in detail in order to get what was good, and it was Good. Yum. Peas with carrots and peas, fish slabs with spicy garlic sauce, tofu leather with yummy stuff, a vegetable and tofu hot pot, and a great soup that I can't name. *grin* Hot and wonderful after coming in from the crunchy snow.

We had a great time, and with the snowfall, they weren't nearly as crowded as they usually are, so Jet could run around like a loon with Andrew gently trailing him like a watchful giant. That was fun.

The drive home was, oddly, better. Some of it was that we traveled more traveled roads, as on the way in John was avoiding traffic, which was wise, but it meant we did take the roads less traveled and less well cleared/plowed/sprayed/sanded. So on the way back the traction felt much better to me... and I had the added distraction of talking with Jet and trying to keep him awake. Ice cream was a good incentive, and when he got home he got a big bowl of it along with his new gear setup.

He then got taken to a bath by my Mom and Dad and I finally got a little time to myself.

I think I'll sleep well tonight. I hope so. *grin*

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