Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Painful Massage and Souper Salad

John and I went to work in the morning. Actually hit Cafe Luna, first, and got our espresso drinks. We had meetings that ended at 11. So brought all our stuff to the meetings, and met on the way out to the car.

We met Colleen at a house that looked very promising, and it proved to be far, far better than the house we'd seen in the same neighborhood. Still in walking distance of the park and stuff, but better placement of most of the house. The kitchen wasn't quite... salvageable, though, and it lacked an office with a door that could be closed. So we probably won't buy it, but it did prove to Colleen that we would do fine with a two-story house, so long as all the bedrooms were on the same level.

That was fun.

Then we went home, worked a bit. I went to CeLena's and had a very painful massage session. Bleh. I decided to schedule another session for next week instead of in two weeks. My hands are in really bad shape from doing nearly a full-time work week. That's a bad sign in some ways, in that I probably should be filing for partial disability, especially since I do want to keep working part-time, but it's good that the massage will help.

After that I went home, played with Jet for a while and then we headed into Longmont for dinner at Souper Salad. It was a great dinner. Jet ate like crazy. Mom and Dad enjoyed the food, and we had our usual good time there. Afterward, Jet got it into his head to see the "Libwawy choo-choo!!" So we went to the library and found out, sadly, that it was closed.

But we did get to spend a very quiet evening home, where Mom and Dad could just play with Jet.

Jet was pretty wired from his double dessert, and had to run around a while before he could calm down enough to just play. Whew.

He was pretty tired, but everyone else went to sleep before Jet did. He finally consented to do his change and teethbrushing when everyone else went to sleep. And then he fell nearly instantly asleep. Whew. I needed a little time alone, so I took it then, to watch Alton cook oatmeal. Mm...

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