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We started the day with sleeping in. I needed the extra sleep. John got some while I took care of Jet, then the rest of them took care of Jet while I slept in. John made waffles, but kept aside some batter for me when I woke up. So I got a crisp, hot waffle when I woke up. Yum.

Soon after, we packed up the van and did errands with Mom and Dad to help. We looked a quite a few houses with drive-bys so that we could tell Colleen's assistant what houses to show us on Sunday. When it was getting a little too close to Jet's nap time, though, we headed for the library, where Jet got to play with puppets and play with the choo-choo while the rest of us checked out the rest of the library. It's very, very well appointed, and they were having a Friends Of the Library sale of books. I got tempted, but decided against buying something. I already have an entire bookshelf that needs reading. Not that that usually stops me, but with all these OTHER books that I could take home, any time, without paying a cent, it seemed wrong.

When we were about to go, Jet was bound and determined to get a BOOK, any book, and he selected one on the fly, "All in One Hour" turned out to be a really excellent book with rhyming prose, great pictures, and an additive story that he really got into. Mom and Dad read it to him while we dropped off the recycling. Then we went through the car wash, which Jet enjoyed a great deal. Mom and Dad were happy to watch Jet and read to him while John and I went shopping for groceries. It was good to just go through it without having to deal with Jet.

Jet was asleep by the time we got back, and we drove home, put him into the bedroom, and got lunches. I ate leftovers. There was leftover fried rice and one last teriyaki chicken leg and some broccoli. Mmm... simple, fast, and satisfying. I got to spend some time just reading and planning for Jet's lunch after he woke up. It took a long time to wake him up. He's been having two hour+ naps lately, and he was up really early this morning. So he was pretty tired and cranky when I did wake him up. But we had plenty of time to get him awake and feed him some juice, milk, and pack stuff up for him to eat. Mom got him to eat some fruit snacks, and then opened up the goldfish box for him and he really enjoyed those on the way to the airport.

On the walk to the airport from the parking lot, we passed the line of taxis waiting for passengers. Jet took one look at a bright green on with a checkerboard strip along the side and said, "Race car!! It's a race car! A RACE car!" The driver laughed and laughed.

Once at the airport, it was quick work to get Mom and Dad checked in. I guess folks don't like to fly on Saturdays as the place was empty. They got through fast, and Jet went on a RUN through the airport areas. We followed as best as we were able. I felt like I was back on soccer defense as I moved to head Jet off from certain security areas before he even realized he was approaching them. That worked well. We walked through the whole central area, saw the security points, and then went nearly the whole way across the airport before Jet was willing to come back. Then we took Mom and Dad off towards their concourse and got to go part of the way down the walking bridge. Jet loved the moving sidewalks. He said good-bye when it was time, gave them a kiss. We gave them hugs and our thanks and they headed off.

It was really, really nice to have them here, as they helped us through a hard time at work. I really was grateful.

From there, we headed back to the car, with Jet calling out the buses and taxis and stuff. Then we headed for the Moonlight Cafe, our favorite little diner next to the airport. We stopped there just for milkshakes. We had fun with them and ate fries and onion rings. I couldn't decide between chocolate and strawberry, so I asked Jet which, and he said, "Strawberry!" so I ordered a strawberry milkshake and we shared it. Mmm...

From there we headed home a 'different way' by some freeways that had opened up in the last several months and found that it's a big faster than surface streets. Nice.

Jet has happily settled in to play with his play-doh, and got some milk and some more food with his toys. Happy boy. We're now doing a mountain of laundry, the Realtor called back to say that she could take us out at 2 tomorrow, and we're planning on just doing some stuff for us tomorrow. No scrambling to get into church as Jet's church school teacher is sick and the backup isn't ready to do a complete lesson, so we have no commitment.

I made pecan brownies, as I have a craving for brownies or cookies or something. The Ghiradelli mix is just really nice and fast and easy, and it tastes great with freshly toasted pecans. It does make the house smell wonderful.

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