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3rd Jet Checkup

I'm pretty tired, but Jet had a great day.

We started with a visit to Dr. Turner, Jet's pediatrician. For some reason, Jet had a big fear of going to the doctor's, and when he first got there, he fought everything. He was afraid of the scale and measure until we put him on it. When he saw the way the balance worked, he got intrigued, so he stood still and watched the nurse figure out his weight. He now weighs a wonderful 28.5 pounds. He's also 35.5 inches tall.

But when we went back to the examination table, he was scared again. He kicked like crazy when John tried to put him on the examination table. He finally hid behind the giant bead cube for a while before finally consenting to sit in my lap as we undressed him, down to his diaper. He clung to me when Dr. Turner first came in, but after just a few minutes of talking with her, he was willing to get off my lap and say hello. Yay!

I think it helps that John and I really like her, and we can talk with her about interesting things. So he finally consented to sit on the examination table, and get his eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, and chest looked at and stethescoped. He even giggled with the ear and eye exams saying that they tickled. He breathed when she told him to, and listened when she let him hear his heart. He let her check out his stomach and diaper areas, with his head on my lap. He stood up straight for her, and when she asked him to, he bent down and touched his toes, no problem. She was pretty happy with that and asked for and got a very enthusiastic hi-5.

Dr. Turner then gave us the good news. Jet has caught up 10 percentile on his weight!! And he'd kept steady growth with his height, so she was really happy with his growth. We talked about his eating habits, and she told us that it was natural, that toddlers his age usually ate only when they really needed to and that we shouldn't expect him to be eating 'regular' meals for a while, yet. So long as over the course of a week or two he ate enough variety, it should be fine. Wow. That was pretty neat to hear from her.

John told her about Jet having the cold for only a day that laid us both out for a week and she said that that was a great indicator of Jet's nutrition. If he was having any lack of nutrition, he wouldn't and shouldn't have recovered so quickly and easily. That plus the fact that he's so strong, has great balance, and seems to be progressing very nicely with his language skills meant that we don't have to worry about his present eating habits at all. That was pretty good to know.

Jet got a Bob the Builder sticker, and he stuck it all over his hand and was very, very happy with it.

He also got a package of lemon cookies when John strapped him into his seat, and he ate them with the last of his glass of milk. Mmm... Happy boy. For the rest of the day he talked about how he saw the doctor and got to breath.

Jet was very cheerful going to Joan's. Haley was very happy to see him after a week without him. Joan was pretty tired, but she was also very happy with all the things she'd managed to do the whole time. They were having a quiet morning, and were going to Costco at 1, so Joan actually dropped Jet off when she went out.

That was helpful for me and my work stuff, plus when Jet did come home, he nursed quite happily and went right to sleep. Whew.

He woke up just a few minutes into a new 3 pm meeting, and we sat and cuddled quietly as I listened in on my meeting. When he was awake, I got him some milk and he watched House of Mouse on the Disney channel until they had a fire alarm at work. I got to read Jet his library book a few times, and then we packed up and headed out of the house for the Rec. Center.

It was a good day at the Rec. Center. Busy, but I just wanted to walk and use the weight machines a little. Jet had a blast with the toys and then we went swimming and he dove, splashed, rode the slides, and then went around and around for a while until he was shivering and blue. We got to sit, undisturbed, in the spa for a while until Jet got warm. Then we headed for the showers and Ichi Ban. Jet plowed through a whole bowl of rice, ignored his noodles, and I got to eat them and save my dinner for lunch for John another day. It was too spicy for me. I did, however, eat my unagi and masago quite happily. Just one piece of each, as they were nearly the price of a pair of each of them on the West Coast. It was enough of a treat simply to taste them.

Rice candy for dessert, and a quiet ride back home. But I hit a big rock by accident with the van and felt the rock hit the body of the car somewhere. John took a quick look and nothing's leaking, so I can hope it just hit the wheel well or something. Jet talked about the big bang for a good deal of the evening until John started playing the Grommet game again. Jet and I watched from the rocking chair until it was so late he asked to get his pajamas on and to brush his teeth and nurse. Whew. Sleepy time.

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