Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Two great Jet-isms for today.

He made Valentines with Joey and Catie, this morning, for each other, they'd folded the paper in half to cut out the hearts, and Jet thought they looked like butterflies. When John asked him what he'd done today at pre-school, Jet said, "We made butter-tines!"

He has a truck and a plane that he can take apart and put together. And I talked with him about taking them apart and asked what he wanted to do.

Jet grinned at me and said, "I want to take them together!!"

Work is still stressful. 'Nuf said.

For my lunch break I headed into Boulder as I had some idea of going to a particular art supply shop there and getting some hand-made paper to make a Valentine for John for Saturday. I also wanted to get some colored tissue paper for a collage heart, and some vellum for an internal, calligraphied message. Some pretty quote for the season.

Took me nearly half an hour to decide on everything, and I spent only six dollars for enough materials for probably three or four cards. *grin* So I may well be able to mess a couple up without any problems, and I KNOW Jet will want to 'help', which is why I decided a collage heart, he can chop up all the bits of tissue paper and we'll see how that works. Plus, hey, if Jet wants to make some handmade paper, I'd be glad to figure that out ourselves...

... though it may well take a discount/salvaged blender or something so we don't mix recycled paper and food, ever.

Found a cool Exploritorium site for recycling paper yourself.

It was a good lunch break from all the ills of my work world.

Back to work. All my afternoon meetings got canceled, so I did some progress, finally.

At 4, I headed out east to meet up with John and Jet to explore the third house we saw on Sunday. We couldn't see anything wrong with it, but something was eating at my heart about that house, too. It didn't help to see that four of the neighbors had small yap dogs that when a big, black lab and his boy were out in their yard, the yap dogs set up an incessant yapping that just grated on the nerves. The postage stamp backyard and the rather small 'great room' family room also made me squint. I sat down in one of the leather chairs and Jet came up to talk to me. I heard him scratching at the chair, but couldn't believe it when I saw huge scratch marks on the finish. I didn't think Jet had done that until I saw him do one right in front of my eyes!!


I picked up Jet, took him away from the chair, and John and Kay found that just a good rubbing with water took away the worst of the mark, and a bit of leather polish/oil cleared up the rest. Whew. So it had looked bad, but wasn't actually that damaging.

We went home, a little despondent. I finally figured it out when John was back. The house was entirely functional. It met our entire checklist. But it had no personality and it was cookie-cutter. There were some things about the environment it was in that just weren't good. Most of all, I hadn't fallen in love with it. I'm still most in love with our present, bright yellow house on the prairie than I was with that sub-division cookie. Bleh. So John's willing to keep looking, and he agreed. We didn't love that house, even though we looked at it the second time.

Spent the evening watching Monsters Inc. eating nice pork chops and just futzing about the house. I'd left my machine at work, so I couldn't work and I felt at loose ends. Just meandering about. Jet, I think, is picking up on my work stress, and he was really, really hard to get to sleep tonight. Bleh. So we're likely in for a rough night or something.

The pork chops were good. Cooks Illustrated demonstrated that starting thin chops in a cold pan keeps them juicy with the gradual rising of the heat. The technique worked out really well, so we had nice, juicy, cooked-through chops with some salad, instant mashed potatoes, the last of the leftover broccoli, and Jet ate a corn dog with us. Ever since the doctor's appointment, he's been eating on a regular basis. He had a whole grapefruit for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, and crackers and pepperoni for a snack. Wow. Different boy.

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