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Painting Day

Jet and I spent the morning applying colors of various sorts to paper.

Jet got out his finger paints, and I managed to allow him to only use one color at a time, so he didn't end up with a big, muddy thing. He did, however, figure out how to get his fingers into the blobs and spread them around a bit, so we had to do a lot of handwashing. As cold as it is (2F when we got up this morning), it's DRY, too, so we delved into my tin of Burt's Bee Wax handsalve, and got a good, solid coating.

Sadly, that same stuff messed up the paper I was calligraphing for John's valentine. Bleh. Made it impossible to lay ink on it, had to throw out the first try and make sure my hands were cushioned when I did the second try. But I did manage it the second time, and Jet helped lay flakes of tissue paper on the glued heart that I put down on the cover sheet of paper with pressed marigold petals laid throughout.

John and I have an old tradition of giving each other yellow roses instead of red. Part of it was that yellow was the House color of Lloyd House, our house at Tech. The other was that, as students, yellow roses are cheaper than red. Finally, though, they're also brighter, more distinctive, and they match our present house. Yellow has some good connotations for us, so it seemed appropriate to have bright yellow flowers on my valentine to him.


So we had an arty morning, and Jet enjoyed using some of my calligraphy wedges on his own paper. He also got his fingers into my inks, and his hands are now bright pink. Hee. I'll see if John even notices.

I'm pretty pleased with what I did. Just a small fragment of the Feynman quote I found for flit's wedding. "--dearest riches have not made people great but love does it every day--"

When Joan came to get him, Jet was pretty tired, and she told me, later, that he went right down for his nap and slept exactly an hour and a half. Better than the NO NAP we had yesterday. Bleh.

He ate half a bowl of rice before she picked him up, and he got candy and other goodies at her house. So he was pretty wired and pretty happy when he came back. He didn't want me to concentrate on work and ignore him, so he was pretty much in my face until John came home from work. Bleh. John and Jet then went out to get Santiago's for dinner, and I got some quiet time. Whew. I got to work then, and Jet ignored me when he had John. John, however, had to go to the parents' night at pre-school, and I got to work getting Jet back on Nick and we played a lot of the games and stories there.

Dinner was fantastic. I just had three carnitas tacos, and they gave me a beautiful guacamole and pico de gallo to go with them. Nice crisp lettuce and really ripe tomatoes were nice in them as well. Mmm... fresh.

John's now back from the meeting and occupying Jet. I got more work done than I thought I would... and I might have a chance of getting nearly everything done that I wanted to before I go off on vacation. I have a chance. *grin*

The stretching software always surprises me when I write. Goes off far more frequently than when I'm thinking or working.

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