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I had a great time today, eventhough I had to go into work for the morning.

One of the meetings was actually very good, and I got a lot done today. I guess I'm very much one of those folks that works better with a deadline right in my face, as in I really wanted to get everything done before the vacation, but, as usual, got 95% of it done and had to really cram the last of it.

But the really productive meeting was the one that I was completely ready for as a milestone for the things I really wanted to accomplish before the end of March. So after that meeting, I was able to leave with impunity.

I dropped by the Hummingbird Teahouse, which is actually owned by an ex-tech worker who loves to do fancy pastries and handmade chocolates. I bought a box of the chocolates for John and a bar of the bittersweet with orange peel for me. *grin* They also had spiced rooiboos, and I decided to buy just an ounce of it to try. Since they didn't have any discount for larger amounts, it seemed prudent to just get what I wanted.

It was really fun to do that.

When I got home, Jet was asleep, and I just ate a quick lunch before leaving for CeLena's. My massage with her was painful, but not nearly as bad as last week. I'm so glad things aren't nearly as tight as they used to be. Whew.

When I got home, Jet had just woken up. We had a 3 pm appointment for hair cuts, and we went into Erie to do them. There's a salon in there that Linda had said that she'd be working at, but the lady there said that she never showed up. So we just scheduled with the lady that was there, and she was fantastic. She did a great job with Jet, and Jet sat quite still for her and obeyed her, after a bit of prompting, he actually closed his eyes when she did his bangs. He got a great cut from her. John got his usual #1 buzz cut. I was tired of my shaggy not-quite do, and told her so, and she came up with a very perky thing that might, with some gel, look very Trinity-like. It's that same, all the same length, right at the tip of the jawline thing.


Dinner was steamed bao and sticky rice. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It was a great dinner, and Jet ate nearly half a sticky rice bundle after we 'pull out the yucky stuff!' The meat filling was something he didn't want to deal with, so I just ate that part with my rice. He nibbled a bao for a bit, but decided he didn't want the rest of it. So that was cool.

Jet looks like a completely different BOY, now. His actions along with the haircut now all make me do a double-take at the very much a boy that's now in the house. Wow.

I'm plugging in a lot of stuff into a document that I want to publish before I go. We'll see if I can get it all in and, maybe, fold in some stuff from other engineers before I go. I should probably have a tech writer look everything else over, too.

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