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Party, Packing, and a little Pouting

Jet's third birthday party was a success, as well. I set up the table for all the kids while they were in Sunday School, and set out the cupcakes, juice, and napkins for each kid all around a table. When they came out, they all congregated around the cake; but when warned off 'until it was time' they all started running around and around and around the concrete floored common room.

I had been a little worried about if the set up was 'right', but a lady assured me that no matter what I did the kids would love it, and sure enough they did. They just belted out a great round of "Happy Birthday" to the four kids that were having birthdays this month, and then dove into the cake and juice. Happy kids.


John and I helped in a pretty wild toddler room for a while, as it was a short church day as they were bringing the architects in to talk about the renovations to the church.

We subsequently got out a little earlier than usual, called Colleen, and she said she'd still come to our house a bit after 1. Jet went immediately to sleep, and we got home, had lunch and started packing. When Colleen came, we went through a bunch of papers, signed stuff, talked about stuff, and went through our general strategy. We made the deadline 8 pm because of the vacation problem, and sent her on her way.

We then got serious about packing, and Jet got to eat some lunch before we headed into Longmont, dropped by work to drop my machine off with the IT guy. We had dinner at Chili's and Colleen called John in the midst of dinner. Jet wanted to follow John, so badly, as John had to go outside in order to be able to hear her and speak. Jet stood within my arms yelling, "Daddy STOP! Daddy stop! STOP Daddy Stop!!" Poor guy.

Colleen was really frustrated by the other realtor, as she hadn't even TALKED to her clients before telling us they couldn't accept the offer, simply on the terms of the money. She hadn't even LOOKED at the rest of the terms on the contract. It was really weird. We had our dinner, went home, called Colleen again, and she called the other realtor again, got some things straight, and we're extending the contract time so they can contact the husband, who happens to be in Puerto Rico. No wonder...

Anyway... we've worked out a timeline where we might actually be able to get this process going. But it was pretty tense going for a bit.

After getting home, we're plowing through packing everything. Jet's a little lost looking, and I anticipate a really bad night tonight. Our flight's at 7:30, so we have to be out the door by 5 am. Not our usual modus operandi, but so it is. Since it's TWO flights to get to where we're going and we're losing a timezone, so it had to be a fairly early start in order to get there at a reasonable time.

One really cool thing is that Jet's been eating a whole lot of things he never ate before. He just ASKED for a carrot to snack on!! Eep. He ate the whole thing, too. He ate a whole chocolate-covered strawberry, yesterday, but eating off all the chocolate, first, and then eating the whole strawberry, bite by bite. He ate the chocolate cupcake, quite happily. He also ate half a mango after watching me peel it. He just picked up a huge slab of the stuff and gnawed his way through it saying, "It's good!" to me. Wow.

They say that there are Internet cafes near the hotel. I may, however, not have the time to hit them, so y'all may just see a bunch of back-dated entries when I get back and upload my Visor to my machine.

See you on the other side.

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