Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Back Home and Catching Up

The vacation was fantastic. We got to live 'on the ocean' as Jet put it, and walked into Melaque for everything, with bus and taxi rides up and down the coast to explore the neighboring beaches and towns. We were out far enough where most folks only spoke Spanish, things were primitive enough that we could really enjoy things, and there were few enough lights that we could see the stars at night.

Colleen worked really hard while we were gone, and we now have the house we really liked under contract. For real! So we have a great chance at the house we really loved. And we may well be able to move the worst of our clutter out of the house before we seriously put it on the market. That should be good.

I'll actually post the whole vacation account on Flick when I get it all filled in and organized. I took notes the whole time I was there, but actually read enough fiction while vacationing that I didn't get all of the journaling done while there.

We didn't get home, yesterday, until well after midnight. Jet was fast asleep, we unpacked only enough to get the things we needed to go to sleep.

This morning, Jet got up at 5:30, and I took care of him until 7. We lay on the livingroom couch for a chunk of that time, and Jet lay on top of me, scratching his feet. He has some mosquito bites on them that itch enough to keep him awake. But he was really cheerful when he actually woke up. We had nothing in the house, so I didn't even offer him chocolate milk. We hadn't had any chocolate milk but the one bottle when we were in Melaque, so he was happy to have juice with his crackers and 'ronis. He was SO happy to just be able to find his crackers and pepperoni that he wasn't complaining about anything.

At 7 John got up, saying that he couldn't sleep anymore, so I went right to bed. I slept until 11. John took Jet to pre-school. When I did wake up, I showered, and went and got Jet while John had a meeting over the financing of our house. Jet had a blast at pre-school. Wendy said that he was bouncing off the walls with happiness at being back. That was really keen. He had so much fun there, that when I got him, put him in his car seat, and started driving home, he was asleep in about a third of the usual distance. Wow.

I have three pages of ToDo's. I just wrote everything down that I could think to do. On Friday we have the house inspection, so I had to move my appointment with CeLena. She said that she could take me this afternoon, so that worked out really well. I then cleaned up, did plant watering, bought a bunch of things that we needed, and figured out the grocery list. I just ground through the list until 3, and woke Jet up, nursed him, and got him to eat a few things that we did have, including the last handful of pepperoni. John and Jet then took me to CeLena's for my massage appointment. They then got Jet some chocolate milk and a treat of Little Debbie Swiss rolls. They went home, did a few thing, including setting up the VCR to get the nut episode of Good Eats. They then picked me up and we went to Safeway to Stock Up in a big way. We had to get pretty much everything we use on a regular basis.

As we were trying to get Jet to leave to go to CeLena's, he said that he didn't want to get in the car. He wanted to walk to chocolate milk. I guess he was too used to walking everywhere while we were in Mexico.

We got Papa Murphy's take and bake pizzas on top of all the groceries. I craved pizza after ten days of nothing but seafood and Mexican food. We got a ton of groceries. Jet was just all over the place, and we ended up telling him that he had to be either on the cart or right next to us, or he'd get strapped to the cart. He finally did stay near us. Whew.

We went home, ate pizza, and Jet got to play with his own toys again. He kept saying that he wanted to use his roller truck in his squeegee box. I finally said that we had to go do it tomorrow.

John called his parents to talk about financing the house, and Jet climbed up into his lap and went to sleep! That surprised me, but I guess that he is still a bit time-lagged. I got him into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, and got him to sleep pretty quickly. John put him to bed when John was done with his call, and I called my parents and sister to tell them about the vacation and about the house. That was really cool to just talk with them. With our new cellphone plan, calling them after 9 is basically free. We have unlimited late night and weekend minutes, and since Jet had gotten to sleep early it was easy to talk with them.

I should get extra sleep during the day more often.

I feel a lot better than I have for a while, though my gut's still trying to catch up with the fact that we have 'normal' food again. I want to make chocolate sauce and fudge tomorrow. Jet really wants more sauce and our local stores aren't carrying the Hershey's dark anymore. It's easier to just make AB's chocolate sauce with our plethora of good, French cocoa, and I've always loved fudge but had no idea how to make it until AB's recent episode on fudges. Mmm...

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