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Chocolate Spring Day

Today felt like spring. With a whole morning to do whatever Jet and I wanted to do and an afternoon where Joan would take him for a few hours, I had a ton of things planned.

I let Jet dictate the morning.

He was really happy all morning. He continued the practice, however, of eating nothing more than pepperoni and Triscuits. I think that simply having them, again, was something he really treasured. He did want chocolate milk, too, but we had no chocolate. While he was eating his breakfast, I made a cup of old fashioned rolled oatmeal, and it was so good to have something so simple again. Warm, sweet, and studded with pecans and raisins it was just vastly comforting to eat.

After breakfast I asked him if he wanted to get seeds, play in his sandbox, or make chocolate sauce for his milk. Jet voted for chocolate, so he sat on the counter and helped me put things into the pan for Alton Brown's chocolate sauce. He helped me stir and watched it bubble up and thicken quite happily. I poured it into a clean squeeze bottle, and we let it cool on the counter.

Jet wanted to go get seeds, next, so he got on his coat, shoes, and stuff, and we went to the Tree Farm, which is a bare two miles from the house. They were completely empty, so Jet wandered around the display area, looking for 'water'. They used to have a display of fountains and water elements; but they didn't seem to have them on at the moment. He was mildly disappointed, but when he saw the huge, colorful display of seeds, he picked a thick, heavy soil carrot. I, on the other hand, was more optimistic and bought two types of lettuce mixes, a red and an orange tomato, some cilantro, scallions, and one packet of spineless zucchini. I also got a bag of seed starting mix and we headed home. Jet cheerfully carried the seeds out, and said bye to the casher who said, "See you later, buddy!"

Jet learned, from Mexico, that it's important to have a sun hat on in the sunshine. He wore his sun hat without any protest when we went out on the porch to plant the seeds. He helped me mix the sprouting mix with water, helped me assemble the sprouting trays, and we then packed all the squares with the soil. That was really cool. He just worked away at it, and I packed what he put in. He planted the huge zucchini seeds, but the tinier seeds were harder for him to control. Instead of insisting on doing it, he decided he wanted to play in his sand box. So he found his 'roller' truck and wandered off to the sand box. I could hear him singing quietly to himself as he got over there.

I planted all the other seeds. A dozen tomato plants, four zucchini, eighteen carrots, ten scallions, five cilantro, and fifteen lettuce starts all went into the starters. Some of the carrots are going to stay here, when we move, as they'll do well in the heavy soil and there's a couple of wild rabbits that live here. Jet said that the carrots were for the rabbits, so I plan do plant them here and see how the rabbits do with digging them up and eating them.

There will be, eventually, waves of cilantro, scallions, and lettuce, but for the starters, this seemed plenty. I imagine some of the seeds won't sprout and I might fill those in with more tomatoes or something. I also have my scrap-newspaper pot maker, and that may work well for later starts.

It was a lot of fun working outside in the sunshine with the water and dirt. It's definitely in the sixties today, and it feels like SPRING! Hee. I think that it's supposed to snow this weekend, but I'll enjoy the warmth and the sunshine and the ability to work in the garden until then.

Jet played, quite happily, in the squeegee until I was done. He rode back on this push rider, and watched solemnly as I sprayed the porch off and got all the dirt off it. He wanted to spray stuff, too, but when I finally urged him back into the house, he went without too much protest. He was pretty tired, though, from all the adventures, and when he finally demanded potato chips, I caved in and just gave him a whole plateful. He ate them quite happily, and when Joan came, he fell asleep almost as soon as she got him out of the driveway.

I spent the quiet time loading my Visor software onto our home PC, getting things synced up, and then catching up on the entries that I hadn't completely filled in when they happened. It's a lot of work on the computer and it's easier when Jet isn't around to demand that he be able to play a game or hear a story from the machine. I also started a pot of fudge according to the Good Eats recipe. Getting it up to temp and cooling it, however, took a WHOLE lot longer than I thought it would. It took a whole hour before it got back down to 110, and by then Joan had dropped Jet back off and we were supposed to be heading into swimming. Jet helped me mix the really thick stuff, and we mixed it so hard that when we stopped, it froze right in the pan! Eek.

Super-fine crystals, but it was like chocolate sugar! I packed it into the pan, anyway, but for some big lumps that Jet cheerfully grabbed and ate. I ate one, too, and it tasted like fudge but it had the texture of a British Cadbury Flake bar! That surprised the heck out of me, and while it was good, it was NOT fudge. Bah!

Jet and I then raced for the van, and got to the Rec. Center a minute before John did. We saw elthar's Owen in the kid care room. Hee. So Darla probably knew that we were back before most of the LJ-crew did. When we move TO Longmont, we'll have to hook up sometime. It would just be cool to meet, sometime.

John and I just walked. I tried jogging for a lap and I didn't have any problems with breathing for that, but my knees told me that this was a really bad idea. So we walked. After the busy day I hit 10,000 steps before we were even a third through our time, and by tonight, I had 13k steps or four+ miles. Nothing like the 20k days in Mexico, but we couldn't walk to all our errands. Jet had a blast getting back into the pool and, for some reason, he decided he liked swimming underwater. He would put both arms into the air and dive into the water and start kicking and pulling/stroking towards either John or I while looking for us with his eyes wide open underwater. Often it was more like a dog paddle than a straight kick-stroke, but given that Jet's had nearly NO formal lessons for a year, it was remarkable. He just decided he wanted to swim.

He did that all over the kid pool. He did the small slide a couple of times, and then did the big slide with John a few times. He swam for a bit in the slide pool. I got a little time in the hot tub and found myself remarkably sore for such a short and low intensity workout. Maybe it was just the accumulation of the whole time we'd been away. Or something.

We went to dinner at a low-key family Italian place that had just opened on Main. Given that it replaced a place with bad Indian food, it was a good trade. They had Colacci-type food for about two-thirds the price, and I was glad of it. It's inexpensive food at inexpensive prices, and they gave us a lot of it. I had the stuffed shells, John had lasagna. Jet refused to have anything to do with his chicken nuggets and when we were pretty matter-of-fact about the fact that they had no rice on the menu, Jet finally deigned to eat a couple of pieces of garlic toast. He nearly fell asleep on John doing it, though. I still think he's having problems catching up to this time zone.

Jet ended up falling asleep within a handful of blocks from the restaurant.

I drove home in the quiet dark, amid no traffic, and under brilliant, still stars. There wasn't even the fingernail paring of a moon that had shown last night. It was nice to listen to NPR and just think and relax with being at home again...

I have plans to attempt the fudge again tomorrow, and to clean up our winter-dead garden for the spring. We'll probably put our house on sale when the landscaping comes back and shows its beautiful self, if not a little bit sooner than that. So it would pay well to just clean it up before we start. I have tons of plans for the new house, for the move, for my new job, for the old house, for all the stuff we have to either get rid of or move, for a handmade paper project, for my journal, and for a few cooking things I want to do. So my head's going in all directions. It should be interesting to see if it gets anywhere with all the directions I'm being pulled in.

I love being on vacation at home. I really, really love being able to pursue, wholeheartedly, all the things that are in my head that I want to try. I love being Jet's mom when I have him and I'm also really enjoying the time I get to concentrate when he's being taken care of by someone else. I am tired, though, and part of my brain really wants to nap more and/or sleep more. I'll have to pursue that, too. *grin* Taking care of myself is as important as the other things, especially since my nose seems to be running a bit and I might have a cold coming on. Trying the Zicam thing again, so we'll see how well that works.

I wanted to kill for an espresso drink, today, so that's a good plan for tomorrow. Mmmm... espresso...

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