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Going Out and the Inspection

I did something today that I haven't done in a very, very long time. I went out, drove around, went to stores, and just stood there, looking at things and thinking about them. It's been a long, long time since I've been able to do that uninterrupted.

I spent the morning shopping. John had a dentist appointment, and Joan decided she could take Jet from 8-12. We had the house inspection at 2:30 or so, and John and I figured that Jet's nap would fit in well.

I had ten thousand things in my head this morning, all the kinds of things that I wanted to do while I had time off from work and I didn't really want to acknowledge the fact that I had absolutely no desire to go back to work. So, instead, I wrote down an entire Franklin-Covey page of ToDo's for today and I ran around doing them. One of the things I've been mildly obsessed with, lately, has been the concept of making my own paper. The other was trying to actually make fudge that would actually turn out something other than a potful of shards and chocolate dust, but I couldn't figure out which was the stronger pull.

The thing that won out, over all of that, was my NEED for an espresso drink. After ten days without I was craving one really badly. So the first thing I did, after dropping of Jet's library book of three weeks ago, was get a mocha at Cafe Luna. I saw a couple from church there, and cheerfully said hello, and got my mocha, with some whipped cream on top and nursed it happily in the car for a good ten minutes before I drove towards my next goal. Mmmm... I missed that.

From there I hit Target, and just wandered about looking. I was kind of looking for a cheap frame to try paper-making with. Something inexpensive and throw-away, and I found a two dollar frame that was just simple wood, so I could staple into it and/or do what I liked with it. I also found some hair conditioner as my big bottle of the Origins conditioner is finally ending. The .69 cent Suave was very appealing, price-wise, but I have scalp problems with some conditioners, so I just bought a small sample size one, instead. I found humidifiers on 50% clearance, and called John, but he said that it would depend on the humidifier in the new house, which made sense to me, and I peered at sun-blocks but thought I wouldn't get one until Jet was playing outside in sunshine again.

Which turned out to be something of a mistake... as I have to do some yard work to clean up all the winter debris in the new garden, and I would need sunblock for that no matter when I did it.

Then I wandered next door to the Home Despot and peered around for some screening for my paper frame. Turned out, though, that the smallest roll of screening they had was $6 worth, and I'd read that window screening sags, eventually, and that it's better, in the long term, to get heat-shrink stuff. Besides, I still had mesh from my bridal veil at home that had a finer mesh than the window screening, so I thought I'd try that, first, even if it did sag. This was just to see if I wanted to do it at all in the long term. And just spending two dollars was better than spending the $30 for a good, solid mould and deckle and another $20 for a paper-only blender or even that extra $6 for something cheap that wouldn't do me any good beyond the first experiment that I already had materials for.

I then went to Safeway and bought fudge making things and added a couple pounds of pork shoulder 'country-style ribs' and went home and soaked them in cha shao marinade. They'd have to marinate for at least a day before they'd be really good, so I just started that process.

I then got to work on journal stuff for a bit, and when it was 12, John went and got Jet, which was really nice. Jet was wide awake when he got home, though, so I nursed him and put him down for his nap. He was cranky with tiredness, so I'm glad he went down so easily.

I took most of the nap time to write some more, and my arms hurt. Bleh.

At 2 Jet woke up and had some lunch and at 2:30 we headed into Longmont. Jet was really happy with the nap and food in him, and he was willing to explore our house again. We told him that this was going to be our house, and I'm not sure that it really sunk in, but he was willing to play with Colleen and follow us around, so that wasn't too bad. Colleen spoke with us to start, including handing us all the covenants for the neighborhood. They were pretty much as we expected on the most part. A lot of other people own the rights to the water, mineral rights, and a through-way for power and other amenities. There are restrictions on landscaping, what can or can't be parked in front of the houses, and what is visible from the street. Painting and renovations have to be approved by the HOA, and other stuff like that. Welcome to the land of HOA's... whew.

She also told about her adventures with the other realtor while we were away. I'm now very glad that we were away.

All this time the visual inspector was padding about looking at things. He'd actually been there since 12:30, and we were going to go over things with him at 3:30. We were just there early to get a few pictures, so a few measurements of our own. So we did.

Then Ottis took us on a tour of the house. I was astonished at how much he found. From the faded wood edging and streaked skylights and loose tiles in the bathrooms to the 'stupid' method of adding a bracing beam to a bouncing kitchen floor, from missing ventilation returns to water around the hot tub, and from dog-damage all over the house (they have an enormous golden retriever) to a broken heater filter, he found it all. Every bit of it. If anyone in the Boulder county area wants a visual inspector for a house-buy I've got a recommendation for you.

He was great. He explained everything, how to fix it, and even who, sometimes, would be a good person to get it done. The exterior paint really needed replacing, and the hot tub, which was a feature attraction for the house, really needs professional attention. So we may have a few things to bring the price down with if we want to deal with them our selves.

The good new, though, was that none of it was a real safety issue. Even the bad work with the beam is something that we can take care of and its not actually a supporting structure, i.e. the house won't fall down if it fails. It was just stupid construction laziness. We can fix it, though, and we can probably do a better job on some of the returns and outlets as well, but it's all stuff we'd rather take care of than having the present owner take care of. The two things we want them to do are to get the hot tub up to snuff and to get the heater's filter fixed. That should take care of the worst of it.

We were there until 4:30 and we were all exhausted by the time we were done. But we stopped by Target for some sunscreen and to buy a humidifier as the one in the house was inadequate. We also mailed some stuff and saw that the Cheese Importers had a sale going on. So we stopped there, and got some of the orange-packaged British cream crackers. Jet got all excited about cheese and crackers, so he had those for dinner, and went through a lot of the big crackers and half a piece of cheese. I think he's starting to loosen up with respect to food, this could be a very good thing.

So we went home, had some dinner, watched some TV and went to sleep. But we're another step closer to our new house... wheeee!

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