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Cooking and Lights Out

I started the morning with a baked pancake, a batch of fudge, and roasting the cha shao. The cha shao went in after the pancake, and the fudge did just fine on the stove top and I was *this close* to a successful batch.

The big surprise was that Jet sat down and ate a quarter of the baked pancake! With yogurt and syrup and plenty of stuffing his mouth. I was totally flabbergasted, especially since he ate that as well as half a banana and a smoothie as well. I guess he was hungry.

For all that fudge has, in the language, become synonymous with something that can be tweaked or done less exactly, the process of making fudge is still beyond me. When I got the potful of warm gooey stuff and mixed in the vanilla and nuts, it *seemed* okay to just pour into the pan. Two hours later and it was still a sticky mass. It was tasty, but it wasn't fudge. I took a blob of it and worked it for a bit, until I thought I saw grains in it, but it was still as sticky and gooey as the rest of it, so just stuck it back to the main body of stuff, and let it just be when the three of us decided to go to Costco. John thought it was far more edible than the first batch and I won't argue with that, but it's a lot more like chocolate taffy than fudge.

Jet had had his nap. John had had time to work on a bunch of the paperwork having to do with the house, as well as tackling the bulk of our taxes. I'd cooked, watched Jet, played with him, and put him down. We'd had the last of the leftover pizza for lunch, and Jet had refused to eat much as he was too busy playing with his toys. I thought that since he came back from vacation, Jet's had a new appreciation for his bucket's worth of toys; but then John told me that Joan had fed him a corn dog while he was there and he'd eaten every bite.

Costco was crowded! For the first time in a very long time, there were actually crowds in Costco! I guess more Coloradans are figuring it out, and we got some really great stuff. I got the extended versions of both the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers, though I'd been disappointed with the second movie, it seemed a good thing to do anyway. Gotta spend my profit-sharing somehow. We also got stuffed salmon steaks, great globe artichokes (it's that time of the year when they stock the huge ones that are soooo good), and stocked up on the bale of toilet paper, too.

Jet and John had a blast with all the tidbit tables. Jet went back to the apple table SIX times. So we bought a bag of apples, too.

We got our booty out to the car, and on the way home we saw a LaMar's donuts. Not quite as well known as Krispy Kreme, and not nearly as expensive or extravagant, they were, nonetheless, donuts. And given that John and Jet have to be at church at 9 tomorrow, we decided to buy a few for breakfast tomorrow morning. We told Jet that while he could pick a donut he couldn't eat it until tomorrow and while he did ask "Why?" he seemed okay with the answer, so long as he could pick his donut.

They had knots that were half plain raised and half chocolate raised! So I had to have that, plus a plain, un-iced old-fashioned. That was really good looking. John got an espresso drink and since I was lagging, I decided to do that as well.


Home again, home again, and I put the chicken on hold for another day and cooked the salmon we bought. I also steamed the artichokes, and Jet flabbergasted me again when I served the artichokes and he demanded to have his own. So I gave him one. He cheerfully worked through half the leaves, eating the root end quite happily, and tossing the leaves into the bowl. He stopped when he got to the prickery leaves (owie!) John got to his artichoke's heart first, so he cleaned it up with Jet looking on, and Jet took it and ate about half of the huge thing!! My God, my boy's eating vegetables!!


He refused to touch the salmon, though, and when I made Jet some fish sticks, he plowed through those quite happily. Yay!

John found a DVD set of Loony Toons cartoons at Costco, and, after dinner (which was kind of late), we sat down to watch them. Jet kept asking for more with the first half-dozen, but then he just settled down to enjoy them. Of course, ten minutes later, the power went out.

It was pitch-dark in the room. The whole neighborhood was dark. I ended up fumbling towards Jet's toy bins and finding his tiger flashlight. It roared and then lit the room. I gave it to Jet, and asked him to light the way to our bathroom and my array of bath candles. So I started lighting things up. John found the candelabra and he lit that up and it's a great source of light. So, pretty soon, the livingroom was lit, along with the pile of clean laundry we'd generated during the day, so the three of us proceeded to fold laundry.

When Jet got bored of doing that, John and Jet started calling everyone to tell them about the black-out. When they encountered an answering machine, John would hand the phone over to Jet and Jet would leave his version of the story on the machine before saying "Love you, bye-bye!" and hang up. *giggles*

When they found someone live, John would talk with them for a bit, then hand the phone over to Jet. Jet would talk about the 'tricity being gone, batteries being tired, lights gone, it's dark, and that he needed tools. He also talked about the fire everywhere, as the candles were burning and making light. A few of the messages on machines were a bit garbled, with "'tricity out. Fire everywhere! It's dark. Batteries tired, need new batteries! Lights gone." One of the more fun things was finding Kathy at home and getting to talk with her after the boys were done. *grin*

But it spent the time quite nicely, the cellphone had plenty of charge, and since it was after 9 all the long-distance minutes were free as was the long-distance itself. So that was a low-cost source of fine entertainment.

When Jet asked to get into his pajamas, we did it all by candlelight: changing him, brushing teeth, and reading "Goodnight Moon". He settled to nurse and the lights came back on. That was actually a calming thing to him, as it proved to him that the lights could come back on, and he went to sleep quite happily after that. Yay for good timing!

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