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Cooking and Lights Out

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John found a DVD set of Loony Toons cartoons at Costco, and, after dinner (which was kind of late), we sat down to watch them. Jet kept asking for more with the first half-dozen, but then he just settled down to enjoy them. Of course, ten minutes later, the power went out.

It was pitch-dark in the room. The whole neighborhood was dark. I ended up fumbling towards Jet's toy bins and finding his tiger flashlight. It roared and then lit the room. I gave it to Jet, and asked him to light the way to our bathroom and my array of bath candles. So I started lighting things up. John found the candelabra and he lit that up and it's a great source of light. So, pretty soon, the livingroom was lit, along with the pile of clean laundry we'd generated during the day, so the three of us proceeded to fold laundry.

When Jet got bored of doing that, John and Jet started calling everyone to tell them about the black-out. When they encountered an answering machine, John would hand the phone over to Jet and Jet would leave his version of the story on the machine before saying "Love you, bye-bye!" and hang up. *giggles*

When they found someone live, John would talk with them for a bit, then hand the phone over to Jet. Jet would talk about the 'tricity being gone, batteries being tired, lights gone, it's dark, and that he needed tools. He also talked about the fire everywhere, as the candles were burning and making light. A few of the messages on machines were a bit garbled, with "'tricity out. Fire everywhere! It's dark. Batteries tired, need new batteries! Lights gone." One of the more fun things was finding Kathy at home and getting to talk with her after the boys were done. *grin*

But it spent the time quite nicely, the cellphone had plenty of charge, and since it was after 9 all the long-distance minutes were free as was the long-distance itself. So that was a low-cost source of fine entertainment.
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