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I am sore. Pretty tired, too. Between work and the Rec. Center.

Full day of work on top of the full day, yesterday, and my hands, arms, neck, head, and even my lower back and hips are all really sore. The surprise was that my right *knee* and calf are really sore as well. Something about sitting all day after two weeks of walking like crazy.

During my vacation I had only one day that was less that 10,000 steps and that was only after we'd gotten back to Colorado. So I think everything hurts more from being still than it ever did from walking and being in motion. Bleh.

The Rec. Center was fun, though. Also, all my afternoon meetings melted into nothing, and I substituted a meeting in the morning for a meeting with folks from and with my new job. That was really fun. Everyone likes the help doc I wrote! Yay! I'm supposed to be feedback for the next week and fix things, and then we get to publish to everyone.

Jet had a blast at the center, both at kidcare and in the pool. The pool had all the water features turned off because of kids' swimming classes. I think that after we move to Longmont we should sign him up for classes, as it is, the half hour commute to the center would be hard for us to do, especially if the lesson, itself, is only half an hour long. Jet had a great time diving underwater to swim to us. He still hasn't figured out the concept of breathing in the midst of moving about, but that's okay. He'll figure that out. He loved chasing another little boy around and around me as well as some of the fountains when they did turn on.

It wasn't until a quarter 'til 7 that he finally consented to leave. We hit the Chinese Buffet for dinner, as Jet's last smoothie glass disintegrated the other day. That particular restaurant has covered cups that have circular holes for the straw! And they seem to be particularly resilient to the kinds of rough use Jet puts them to. Jet ate a whole bowl of rice with a few nibbles of won ton, pot sticker, and Jello cubes. He also watched a little three-year-old girl with her family, and even turned all the way around in his chair to watch her walk toward the buffet. He was completely intrigued.

John said that Jet had had a good day, had gone to sleep nearly instantly when John went to pick him up from pre-school. That was a very useful thing for John, as John felt as if he were pretty far behind on all the things he had to do today.

I had had fun at work, talking with lots of people about the documentation I'd done, and talking with more people about our Mexican vacation. Inexpensive, beautiful, and relaxing as well as a great trip to take with a huge family. *grin* That was fun. I got to talk about Jet's exploits, got asked about pictures. I may have to post all 100+ pictures somewhere so people can just see them.

I was astonished that Jet managed to get home from dinner awake. John didn't even really talk with him, but while John was unloading stuff, Jet asked to 'see his Freddi Fish movie', which is actually a computer game. I got him started on it, and it involved him enough that we got to unpack everything and clean up the house enough for the housecleaners tomorrow. Get the worst of everything up off the counters and floor so they have the room to vacuum and clean. It's always a great opportunity to find a place for all the things that have had no place. But then Jet kept wanting to play, and play...

John went to sleep at 10. Jet got to sleep at 11:15. I'm going to sleep... now. *grin*

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