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Unloading, Good Mole, and Imagination

I had a good day, today. Spent a lot of it working on the new stuff that I've been doing for five hours a day. There hasn't been a lot of call to do the old stuff, as I'm mostly just turning it over to other people. That's a good thing.

I also wrote a long letter to my boss's boss as he was asking for feedback, hopefully constructive, as to what went on with the project and what might be learned from it. He's, at least, asking the right questions, I think. I'll have to see how he goes about changing things. One of the things that I think they really didn't do well with was figuring out how to manage or make effective people that didn't fit their mold of uber-coder, and how to work with generalists rather than only rewarding specialists.

It was a good thing to just get off my chest.

I am gaining a vast amount of satisfaction from the responses I'm getting to the documentation that I'm doing. I am very, very happy at all the people who are telling me it's a great document and it's helping them understand concepts that they just couldn't get, before. That is a tremendous thing, for me. There's some part of my brain that really, really loves being productive and I would be really happy in a new environment where I could just absorb lots of information, organize it, and make it so that other people could understand it just as swiftly and easily. That would be so COOL.

Jet fell asleep soon after we got him from pre-school. He slept nearly three hours, and when he got up I tried to feed him, but got enough resistance that I got resentful. So instead of pursuing it, I handed him over to John and went to sleep. I slept 90 minutes and woke up feeling MUCH better than I had before I went to sleep.

I think I'm still behind on my sleep, somehow, and I still have some time to make up. Decided, also, to do the gardening with Jet tomorrow. He likes doing it with Miss Wendy at pre-school, and I'm sure I could figure out work for him that he could do and he'd enjoy doing. Gotta take advantage of that toddler fascination with work while it's still here and make it just a habit of his that he gets to help with things we have to do around the house and yard.

ALL the lettuce seeds have come up, and the scallion seeds aren't that far behind. I really need to transplant the lettuce into pots this weekend, and maybe plant some more scallion or even, maybe, tomato plants. At least, with the lettuce and scallions I don't have to worry about Jet picking and eating anything.

After getting up, I started Jet on his game and I made mole on leftover, roast chicken along with heating up a can of refried beans and making a pot of Spanish rice. It was good stuff, all in all, and the Dona Maria mole is excellent stuff, in case you see it in your local grocery store and might be intrigued enough to buy it. I like toasting the really thick stuff in some oil before adding the chicken broth, but that's me. It seems to taste a bit richer with the caramelization involved; but burnt chocolate is a terrible thing.

It turned out really tasty, and I have enough leftovers for another lunch, so that's a big plus.

John finally gave up on work and played with Jet on the computer and I get this time to catch up again.

Jet's been getting really imaginative, lately. Wendy talked about Jet pretending to save kittens, marking part of the yard poison, getting all the other kids to run away from monsters, and he tells all kinds of stories. He told John and I about the alligator under the dinner table and how there were bugs all through a book. So he's definitely rev'ing up with regards to imagination. That's very cool. I only hope that I'm imaginative enough to keep up with it.

He really likes the Freddi Fish in Coral Cove game. Lots and lots of little puzzles and games to figure out. So that's been a lot of fun for him, and he's got good enough control of the mouse to do a lot of it. So that's been really fun, now. Yay for more games!!

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