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Trying to get my brain to stop spinning.

Had a great morning with Jet. We went out in the garden and started clearing out all the winter debris. He was a great help, and when he got tired, we went for a little walk, which tired him out some more. But when he went to Joan's he had a great time with Haley, and THEN went down for his nap, which he continued at home, so I had extra time to work.

Problem was that I had a 1:1 with my present boss and had some disturbing vibes off it, and I need to get my brain off that.

Jet and I met John at the Rec. Center in the midst of a rainstorm! Woohoo!! Of course, while we were busy playing, working out, and swimming, the rain turned into wet, slushy, sludgy snow. Inches of it. So thick John and I had to change out of Birkies and into our workout sneakers to even have a chance of getting to the Souper! Salad! without getting our feet soaked in ice water.

Mmmm... rain. It was so cool to sit in the restaurant and see the rain/water/slush driving against the windows and runnelling off in crooked lines. To see the lights sliding down the glass with the rain. Mmm... I miss rain.

After dinner, Jet and John hit the train model shop while I wandered through Wal-Mart and happened to find a decorating connector hanging all by itself. Next to it were a few simple decorating tips. I love Alton Brown's idea of using a bag for a pastry bag, but had had a heck of a time finding connectors that were without bags or a dozen useless tips. This way I could just buy what I needed! Yay! I also decided to get a hot glue gun (low temp) and some sticks to try and see if I could figure out a way to get my picture frame to really work as a paper mold without ending up with a mountain of wet masking tape.

The drive home was a bit nervewracking as the snow was coming down pretty hard, and I slid down our driveway a few times before John decided to just do it himself and wiggled the drive tires as he hit the top. How he did that and didn't take a mirror off I'll simply be thankful for.

Jet went to sleep, easy. We had some tea. I started proofreading again. There's this really astonishing book about Negro exploits in World War I, and I'm just plowing through it as thoroughly as I can. As much as I appreciate all the volunteers on PGDP, it just makes me squint a bit when I run across pages that have so many things I can fix. Maybe I should just be glad that I'm useful in the second round. *grin* A far better thing to be.

At least proofing got my brain off my boss' stuff this afternoon. That's all to the good.

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