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Running Around: Boulder and Denver

Today's been really full of good stuff, on the whole.

We headed out, first thing, to Boulder, and did a ton of stuff out there. I discovered that the Canadian Paperwright has far, far, far better prices than Art Hardware in Boulder, and that I should probably just mail order any paper making supplies I might want. We dropped off recycling, we had breakfast at a funky little diner while plotting out the rest of the morning.

Jet ate two strips of bacon, three pieces of toast with jam, and drank a big glass of orange juice. All this after having had a smoothie first thing in the morning. Ever since he got better from his gut bug from Mexico, he's been eating like a horse.

McGuckins, a change, a basket full of knickknacks and then John dropped me off at Art Hardware while he and Jet went to the VolksWagon dealer for parts. Turns out that the Eurovan's still under an extended warranty, so they offered to do some recall work on the van! For free! Hoorah! So we're going to have to coordinate getting the car out there some day in the near future.

John picked me up and we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look at the hardware for a pot rack to go in the place the one that the lady's taking with her. Then we went to Whole Foods. It was a complete madhouse, filled with people. I spent a lot of money, including twenty bucks on a really, really nice grass-fed buffalo ribeye steak. I hope I treat it well. *grin* Not tonight, though, as we have our company party tonight. Every year, instead of a holiday party, they celebrate the anniversary of the advent of the company, and have parties at all the major sites.

It should be fun, it's in the Denver aquarium, where we had so much fun before. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Jet was so tired from all that that he went right to sleep on the way home. John put him in the bedroom. We had some lunch, including a really nice mango salsa they'd had at Whole Foods. Then I went outside and started cutting down more of the winter dead growth. There's a lot of it to do. When I'd filled a garbage can, and John and Jet came out and filled the other, I've come inside to just write a little, take a shower, and get ready for the party. I hope it'll be fun.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, but I'm a little worried that if I take a nap I won't be able to sleep tonight. Still, with as much walking, dancing, and partying as I might have to do tonight anyway, it may all be moot.

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