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Yesterday evening, Jet wasn't feeling all that well. He was a little warm, and he refused to move from me all evening. He asked me, quite politely, that I hold him for several hours during the evening. We mostly sat in the rocking chair, watched some TV, and he drank a lot of milk. We snuggled a lot.

Last couple of nights he's been asking for me, an only me, to take care of him at night, so John's gotten more sleep than I have been. Last night, I was luckily, and Jet took to John, and that was good for my sleep. I probably need at least another night of that.

One really cool thing about Sunday was that when I was buying cookie dough from the youth group, one of the teenagers, who helps in the toddler room, said that I have a very intelligent and smart little three-year-old. When I asked for specifics, she said that he'd put Church Bucks (each time a kid goes to Sunday school, they get some church bucks that, once a month, they get to spend on fun stuff) into her hand, and when she asked him how many they were, he said, offhand, "Seven." And he was right!!

I blinked. I had no clue Jet could actually count to seven, so part of me thinks it might have been luck; or else, as usual, he's having fun joking about everything and has just never had a reason for showing John and I his rather specific skill. Given that he said the right thing when he had to hand over the 'right' amount for things he really wanted, I suspect that Jet really can count. He just doesn't usually have motivation. Pretty cool for a three-year-old.

She went on to say that she's really impressed with the fact that Jet says, "Please" and "Thank you." for everything. I was impressed to know that he does it constantly for other people. I know that he often leaves it out for us, but gentle reminders makes life a lot easier for all concerned. I did thank her, though, for giving me that feedback, it's a very good thing to know that he is so polite with others.

Another thing that happened Sunday morning, was that all the kids had their toys that they'd bought, and Jet really, really, REALLY wanted a toy another kid was playing with. I knew that the other kids was interested in something Jet had, so I encouraged him to trade for the other toy. Jet frowned, but went over to the other kids, actually ASKED to trade, and waited quite patiently for the kid to decide. When the kid nodded, took the proffered item and handed over Jet's heart's desire, he looked SO proud it was so cool. He came over to me, grinned and said, "I did it!"

Yay! He did it!


That was really neat. To have him rewarded for doing the right thing instead of just running over and grabbing it. Whew.

For some odd reason, Jet's now calling me Mommy instead of Mama, the way he used to. I'm not at all sure what caused the change, but I'm now Mommy. Huh.

Today's been pretty good, all in all. Jet actually was quite happy after waking up, and he and Haley had a blast. They went to Wal-Mart with Joanie, and they had a great time playing, "Look!" "Ha ha! I made you look!" *giggles* I love having a child who is very easily amused.

He ate like a horse, today. Smoothie for breakfast along with one of the apple/bran muffins, then noodles, crackers, cheese, and milk at Joan's. Then tonight, he ate a huge amount of rice at the Vietnamese place. He slept a good two hours in the afternoon, and was quite content to watch "Bugs Bunny" (his words) for an hour (from a tape John had bought a while ago of Loony Tunes shows) while I had a meeting on the phone. The other meeting participants were cheerfully entertained by the sounds of explosions in my house. *grin*

I had a good day, actually. Finally decided that I'd probably been doing a lot of things that the Feeling Good book said that I probably should watch if I wanted to be happier. Stuff like only listening for negatives, making everything black or white (big time generalization), and ignoring positive things are all behaviors I've done before and which I really need to be conscious of and prune or off-set when I remember.

Plus, realizing that I'm basically throwing my whole life in the air and eventhough I know that it's going to come down better than it is now, there's still all the stress and uncertainty involved. Moving houses, moving jobs, and adding to the stress by traveling in the midst of all that (we're probably going to Ashland, OR to celebrate one of John's brother's decade birthdays with everyone two weeks after I change jobs and we move) isn't helping me see the good side of everything, either. STRESS!

It's a clear indicator that I'm stressed when I buy a lot of $30-$50 groups of things from all over the Internet. Stuff I want and like and will use, but stuff I'd probably hold off on if I didn't need the gratification of having enough power to make SOMETHING happen that I want and like Right Now.

Got the buckwheat hulls to refill my pillow, and after the Rec. Center, Jet helped me fill my pillow. He was very good, very careful, and liked helping me. He wouldn't, however, go to sleep until it was done and was so tired he had a hard time getting to sleep.

I also got my Sailor Super Script 'calligraphy' pen, and I found out that it's actually shaped, very nicely, for Chinese calligraphy while holding it in English-style writing position! I really like it, and it's relatively cheap retail therapy, I guess.

Anyway... the Rec. Center was later than usual, because of a 3:30-4:30 meeting, and then then we stayed later than usual. I actually *ran* while I was there, and the ellipticals were full-up after I had to change a poopy diaper on Jet. Jet wanted to swim longer than usual. I think a whole day of cartoons made him really want to do more physical activities, but, as usual, he ate like a horse after swimming, and polished off a lot of rice. I was pretty sore, though, when we got home.

After I put him to bed, he woke up because I was trying to refill his humidified, and when he told me he had to go back downstairs, I lost my temper, because I was sore and tired, and my knees hurt. Plus John was on the computer, yet again, trying to look up stuff for the move. I sometimes hate that either of us has laptops we can access from anywhere in the house, it just means more and more time on the damned things. I yelled at Jet, and he started crying. Bad mommy. John heard me and came up. By this time Jet just wanted John, so he was able to convince Jet that he really didn't have to go downstairs, and they cuddled in the rocking chair while I stormed downstairs and felt royally ashamed of myself.


I hate that, but I did talk with John about what was up with me, and that helped tremendously.

I know that Jet's going to forget about it completely and forgive me. I also know I didn't hurt him in the least, but I still hate doing it. I hate losing my temper, and I hate having so many things happening that I'm closer to losing it than I usually am, or when things are going well. Maybe it's just human nature, but I still hate doing it and being that way.

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