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For the last two days, we've been 'picking up' and packing up a ton of stuff. We know that we're going to be putting the house on the market on Thursday night, so we have to get the majority of things out of sight. We're also doing our best to empty the fridge, freezer, and pantries as much as we can before The Move.

I guess the one thing I've learned from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is that the biggest fault one can have in home decorating/living, is to have really cluttered areas. Get Rid Of The Clutter and half the battle is done. So we've spent days and days on just packing up what we really don't need for a while and putting it all away, somewhere. John bought packing material for the breakables today, and we have really emptied out our room, the livingroom, and the kitchen of all the things we'd stacked on top of cabinets simply because we had no clue where to put them. There's a lot of stuff.

So we packed and put the boxes into the extra garage we have. We're scheduling to move on April 5th. John's parents are arriving March 31st, so they'll help with packing everything up on this end, taking care of Jet, and unpacking. That should be good, and there's some friends who have offered to help, too. I find that people who don't know the stuff are much, much faster at both ends of the trip. We're renting two guys and at truck (with the guys! Yay!) and they'll do all the heavy lifting. I promised myself, after moving in Redmond to our house in the woods that we'd NEVER make our friends to the heavy lifting again.

I am so sore. It's amazing how much stuff can be put away simply because it HAS to be. And it was pretty incredible how much space we've gained from simply packing away books, clothing, and crystal/guess dinnerware we nearly never use. Maybe we should just continue storing most of that in boxes after we move? And just pull them out when we need them? Maybe we'll never need them and I'll just have to given them away, somehow. *grin*

Both days were pretty long working days for me, as I had to get a bunch of stuff done. Including publishing the document that I've been working on for so long. Wow. It's really cool to just get it all *done*, including a very nice PDF for printing the thing,

I've been really tired, though. Maybe it's just the residue of all that stress.

Jet's been pretty tired, too, and we had another milder fight Tuesday night, but tonight, he was *great*. He helped with moving a bunch of his toys into his room, moving a bunch of stuff around the house, and with packing some of the toys he nearly never uses into boxes. He played with his trains in this room, and I think it's a good start to having him play in his room, himself, without supervision. We are only putting things in there that he can play with by himself and not damage anything including himself, and he seems to like it a lot.

He's also making up more and more stories and games. He likes pretending there are crocodiles on the floor, and he builds bridges or leaps from pieces of furniture to other pieces of furniture to escape them. He tells me stories about scared dragons, a tired moon, and monsters in the dark. He says that monsters don't want to squish him because they don't want to hurt him, they just want to scare him! *grin* Maybe there is some good from seeing Monsters Inc. so many times.

I finally found the secret to really tasty, fresh green beans. Boil 'em. For something between 2 and 10 minutes depending on your altitude and the thickness of your beans, but the slender snap beans that I found at Whole Paycheck took just 10 at altitude, and they were delicious. Crisp, sweet, and supple with plenty of flavor from some onions and bacon I sauteed them with. We also had the grass-fed buffalo with it, and I managed to make a perfect medium-rare, so that it was tender, flavorful, and magnificent. Well, well worth the money and the time and care to do it right.

I also amused myself greatly at the cafeteria at work by ordering myself a Boca Burger with cheese and bacon. The girl that made it nearly fell on the floor giggling, and John and Bob were really amused. *grin*

Yay for small things!!

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