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House for Sale

The house is now incredibly neat and clean. So much so that it's a little scary to chaos-minded me.

Colleen came, this morning, to do all the paperwork for her to be our selling agent. She's charging us significantly less commission because she found our other house for us. That was cool. Expected, but still cool.

Jet and John and I had already had breakfast. Jet and I made some of the rolled butter cookies, as he's been asking for "Gingerbread Man Cookies". I had a bunch of dough in the freezer, and thought that we may as well use it. So we rolled, cut and baked half a batch of cookies and it filled the air with the scents of vanilla and butter. Mmm... I also tried a FOURTH batch of fudge and was *this close* to having it be perfect. The big chunks that did come out were quite nice, but I still have a box full of fudge-sand, which Jet does, indeed enjoy. Okay. John and I enjoy it, too.

John was in a meeting when Kate and Colleen came. Jet greeted them quite happily, and squealed happily when Colleen picked him up and swung him. He was quite happy with all that. We did all the signing, and then we all went out and put up the For Sale Sign. It should be up on the web, soon. Yeesh.

Joan came and got Jet a bit past noon, and John ran into work to drop off the crib, a chile tree, a bunch of books, and some other things we were selling at work,including some old battery chargers. I have three. One that just charged NiCads, one that could also charge Alkaline Rechargables, and finally one that could ALSO do NiMH batteries. The first two were the ones that John took to work. I guess that's one way of recycling.

I worked. Had a review. Had a 1:1. Had time to rest a bit after the big sprint yesterday.

And then I got a letter from my boss-to-be saying that he had approval of my req in HAND. This means that, no matter what, I'm going to be moving jobs at the end of the month. No more doubts, no more hesitations, and NO MORE WAITING.

It is GOING to be.

Whew. I danced around like a loon. Good news along with all the bad that I've been reporting so far.

Between that and having already set the moving date, my life is starting to land. Settling quite solidly. Less uncertainty, and I'm doing better for it.

The three of us went to the Rec. Center at the usual time, but together instead of in two separate cars. We had a blast. I got to actually use an elliptical for the first time in a while. I've lost three pounds since the Mexico trip. I'm not at all sure why other than the gut bug, but I thought I'd have gotten over that by now, anyway. So I may well be doing the right thing with respect to losing weight. It hasn't hurt that since we figured out that we had to have the house clean that I've had a long series of 9k step days due to picking up so much junk...

There's something called the Amish Diet, where they put pedometers on Amish folks and measured their daily walking. The premise is that the Amish have far, far fewer obese folks than average Americans do, and the researchers wanted to figure out how they did it. The food was just great food, though most of it was in season, and most of it was grown by them or by people they knew. It did, however, include all kinds of meats, fish, and poultry along with vegetables, starches, and all the other foods plus sugar and salt and other goodies as well. Turns out that there isn't that much odd about the diet. What was 'odd' was that nearly everyone averaged 10k steps per day! So the Amish diet mostly consists of walking at least 10k steps per day.

Given that I have a way to measure this, it seemed like an interesting way to 'diet', and walking isn't THAT strenuous, and since I'm doing it by doing other things that I need to do, anyway, it seems a really great fit. The only times when i really need to do it as an extra are the days (few as they are) when I go in and work a full day. Then I have to make and extra effort to go for a walk at lunch time. Otherwise I'll never get even close to that number. Weekends are easy, just chasing Jet everywhere gives me plenty to make 10k a day.

Today, Jet asked John and I to swim with him, everywhere. He wanted us underwater as often as he was going, and, wow, that really wears me out. I guess the good thing about Jet considering us his best playmates is that we have to get up and do stuff with him. Good for us and for him.

After the Rec. Center we went to Deli Ciosos and ate. I had my usual carnitas taco and beef and onion enchilada. The barkeeper was raving about the pumpkin empanadas, with cinnamon sugar, creamy pumpkin, and a fried shell. To die for, she said. So I got one. Jet wanted some, after his rice, chips, and other dinner food, so I gave him some. He ended up not liking the shell at all, but really liking the pumpkin filling. Yay, more vegetables into my Jet! So he ate nearly half the empanada's pumpkin! That was really cool. I liked it too. Sweet and creamy and very, very nice. We'll have to do that again.

Tomorrow will probably be the first day anyone might show the house. Given how our Redmond house in the trees showed and went, I don't expect anyone. I actually expect, maybe, seven to ten showings for the next couple of weeks. It'll be slow, but if someone goes to the trouble of seeing it, it's more likely they'll be someone that really wants to buy it, too. So that balances.

Jet was great going to sleep. Even tired as all get out, he was willing to read books, magazines. John was sure he'd gone to sleep at one point, but he woke up as John was taking him up the stairs. So I got to nurse him a bit, and he was limp as a rag doll when I finally took him up. THIS time there was no question of him getting up. I love going swimming. *grin*

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