Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet, this morning, was chanting, "Ha ha! Ho ho! Hee hee! Ha ha! Ho ho! Hee hee!" So I joined him as we marched out of the kitchen, thorough the laundry room, and to the garage. Suddenly, on the steps, Jet said, quite sternly, "No more Ha ha! Ho ho! Hee hee!"

It was really funny, as I felt like a chastened three-year-old and crept quietly down the stairs after him. *giggles*

Yesterday, at swimming, it was really cool to swim underwater with him, as he was putting both arms in the air and 'diving' down into the water. I could see his dark eyes wide open under the water, and he would thrash and push in the direction he wanted to go. I couldn't keep my eyes open underwater because of my contacts, so when I went down, I tried my best not to run into him.

But, on one of those, I did, and he grabbed my head and wrestled until he was sitting on my back. When I came up for air, he held on, but wiped his face, and giggled when I went back under again. He cheerfully rode me, under and above the water for quite a while. Definitely a kid without fear of the water. What was funny and a little sad seeing a mother with a five-year-old pointing at Jet and saying, "Look! He's doing it all the time!" And the five-year-old looking very grumpy about that...

While getting Jet from kid-care yesterday, there was a Mom and a daughter. Mom was definitely trying to get her daughter OUT of there, and the daughter and Jet, for that matter, were having too good a time in the fort they'd built under the play tables. The Mom was clearly exasperated and started berating the daughter, "So, you want to be contrary, huh?"

Jet saw us, and John asked, "You wanna go swimming?"

Jet eyed the fort, eyed us and then grinned, "Yeah!" And he tumbled down, out of the fort, and went running out of the room.

The Mom, who hadn't really caught John's question, eyed John and demanded, "How did you DO that?"

John just shrugged and we went our way.

On the way out of the Rec. Center, John was striding away, out into the night, to get all our stuff to the van. I was with Jet, as we headed out. Suddenly, Jet stopped, dead in his tracks, his head tilted all the way up.

I stopped, too, and looked up.

The entire ceiling of the Rec. Center has a rainbow's worth of colored mobiles! I had never seen that before! All these times we've been there, and hurried past it getting in or out, and there it was. Beautiful.

Jet tugged at my pant leg, "Up!" I picked him up and we both looked for a bit, "Rainbows," he said. "Yup," I said, and with that acknowledgment he was okay to go.

Last night, after Jet was in his pajamas, John went to put the trash out. When Jet asked where Daddy was, I said he was taking out the trash. When Jet asked why, I went talked about taking the cans out to the street so that the garbage truck could easily get to them from the street. I said it a few times, in a few different ways, and Jet seemed to accept it, but I wasn't really sure how much he got.

When John came back, I found out exactly how much Jet had got, as Jet stood there and told John a ten minute long story about how the trash boxes go out to the curb, the garbage trucks come to our street and they pick up the boxes from the side of the road and dump them (with many sound effects) into their loads... etc. etc. etc.

I was pretty amazed.

John was even more amazed, as, for him, all this came out of the blue or even, perhaps, from the sound of him taking the trash cans out to the street. *giggles*

Wow. THAT was fun.

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