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Blurring Together

The days are all blurring together. I kept thinking that today was Thursday, and yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday. Going to the Rec. Center often makes it feel like Friday. I'm not exactly sure why.

I also think that having a completely clean house makes it feel like Thursday, because I'm used to having the cleaning folks come on Wednesday. So the only day that we usually have a completely spotless house is Thursday.

I had a very strange day in some respects. I had a handful of things I really wanted to do for work, but two of them required a great amount of thinking. So I spent a lot of time without really "doing anything". It was maddening in some respects. It was also odd to have the first day that our house was on sale be a day when we weren't contacted by our real estate agent at all. Not a bad start, as with our "house in the woods", it was just a slow start. Once again, we have a house that is very unique compared to the general run of houses. So I am not expecting to huge run of perspective buyers, and especially not random tourists, to go through the house.

That was one thing that Russ really impressed upon us when we were selling the little house in the woods. It was very useful to have realistic expectations from him, which resulted in a very pleasant surprise when the house sold quickly.

Joan had to go do some errands, so she dropped Jet off at the house when she was done. He was wide awake, and took a while to settle down. He really wanted some sticky rice, so John and I put together the steamer with sticky rice and baos for all three of us. Jet asked for some milk, so I warmed some for him, and we sat in the rocking chair while he drank it. Pretty soon he was snoring. I put them down on the bed, ate my lunch, and went back to work for a little while. My massage appointment with CeLena was at one thirty, a little bit early because I had traded weeks and she had someone at four.

My massage hurt. I think I'm abusing my arms and hands a little more than I should be. Between the extra writing that I'm doing for the technical documentation and the extra mouse and keyboard work I'm doing while proofing books for Project Gutenberg I think I'm working that part of my body far too much. The difference in my general, physical shape after I was at Mexico for 10 days in the shape that was in only 10 days after coming back it's pretty obvious that working in doing the things I usually do is painful for my body. The stretching helps. I just have to stop ignoring the reminders when I happen to be very busy. I have an unfortunate tendency to ignore the dialog box that I'm in the middle of something I really want to do.

CeLena also noticed that I seemed very tired compared to usual. I think I am. I'm not exactly sure what to attribute that to, though I know I was missing significant amounts of sleep before I went on vacation, and I haven't ever really caught up. Jet also had a few restless nights the last few nights, since we started picking everything up all the time. I think he's starting to settle down, but that may be a contributing factor. I also noticed that my allergies are worse, lately, and while I have been taking the Claritin, lately, it has really seemed to help.

In spite of the very painful massage, I kept falling asleep on her table. So she was definitely right about my being more tired than usual.

Today was also an extraordinarily warm day. I think we hit the seventies.

Jet took another long nap today. When I got home he was still asleep, but he woke up as soon as I got inside the house. We nursed a little, and when he was completely awake he went outside with John. There were a lot of small things to do out in the yard, and there was always the sandbox. I had a few things to do a computer, as my brain was still engaged. But when I was done I went outside to enjoy the sunshine with the boys.

Dinner was something uninspiring from the freezer along with asparagus spears grilled outside. I wonder if good green beans, once boiled and lightly coated with olive oil, salt, and pepper might be very good grilled as well. Even with a grass grill, the flavors still concentrate and the sugars in the vegetables caramelize quite well. Jet ate a couple of the asparagus along with ramen noodles and pepperoni and crackers. He then plowed through half an apple as well. He still in a good eating mode.

Jet spent the evening learning how to count. He has a Blue's Clues game, actually he has two, one for counting at one for spelling. In the spelling one he really likes the felt dictionary, where he gets to match up words with the pictures of the things that they are for. He does that really well on his own now. The counting game we hadn't played up until now. Most of the games on the CD didn't really catch his interest, but then he found the one with the train track. The premise of the game is that you are trying to help the builder of the track finish his train ride. He asks for a certain number of parts, and and there are chutes that can dump a certain number of parts. Later on, there are also vacuum tubes that can suck up parts. You can select which chutes or vacuums will be activated when the train goes by them. At first, both Jet and I didn't understand how to do any of it. He gave me the controls and watched me do it a couple of times.

Then Jet was quite capable of starting the train, but he hadn't quite got the concept of the chutes. Eventually, though, he started looking for the controls that had the same number of items as the builder required, unfortunately he couldn't tell the difference between vacuums and chutes. The really startling thing is that by the end of the evening he was pretty much able to set up any number of items. He was even adding two things to one thing to get three things. That was pretty frightening. He gets concepts quickly.

There was another part of the game he had to use the Blue's dollars to buy parts for big prizes. In order to pay for each part, the cash register required that he plays each dollar into its drawer. It would count as he put them in. Since no item was more than five dollars, Jet got to count to everything up to five quite a few times. Because of his fascination with the train track, Jet accumulated $48! So he got to do a lot of counting all at once. That seemed to help when he went back to the trains and started to get requirements for larger numbers of items. He had no problems, originally, with one, two, or three things, but by the end he was handling four or five without having to think about it at all. That was cool.

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