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"Usual" Monday

We had a pretty typical Monday, today, which felt pretty good.

My hands are doing badly again. I wonder, now, if it's a combination of the warmer weather, doing too much proofreading with the mouse for the last couple of weeks, general stress, and my allergies all acting at once. Everything aches in my upper body. Okay, so some of that may also be taking up weight lifting as part of my twice-weekly workouts... another thing to think about.

This morning, when I was icing my hands and forearms, Jet asked, "You have owie?"

"Yeah. The ice should make it less owie."

Later in the day, Jet pulled a towel from somewhere in the kitchen, wrapped it around his arm, and told me that he was fixing an owie on his hand. I was pretty amused.

We had a really good day. John sent Jet off to Joan's, I worked, and when I picked Jet up he asked to go swimming. I told him we were going to go swimming later today, and he replied that "swimming later" was broken and that he wanted to go swimming now. He was pretty tired, and a five-minute drive put him to sleep. I got to work another two hours.

When Jet woke up he asked for pancakes. I asked him if he wanted small ones or big ones. He asked for small ones, and sat on the counter while I poured pancake mix and water together. He insisted on mixing the two together, but let me pour the batter onto the hot pan. I made four small pancakes, and Jet said that the first one was his, the second one was mine, the third one was Daddy's, and when he saw the fourth one he asked if that was also Daddy's? When we sat down at the table to eat them, Jet scared me a little bit by saying he only wanted one. But once he had finished his first pancake he asked for another and then another. So he ended up eating three pancakes. Wow!

Swimming was a blast.

Jet, as soon as he stepped in the water, started to porpoise around the pool to the amazement of a small gathering of parents with their kids. Jet just repeatedly dove into the water, only coming up for enough air to do it again and again. One of the moms there accosted John to tell him that we had a waterbug. grin. When John told Jet that, Jet was indignant, "I NOT BUG!" he said.


Jet had a blast in the fountains, sitting on them, and giggling whenever the spray hit his face or escaped from under his butt. He vastly amused two women that he accidentally sprayed by grinning at them, huge, and singing, "Sorry!!" to them.

He also rode both John and I around the Lazy River. He's getting really good at hanging on with both his arms and his legs while we're in the water. Less weight for him to bear than if he were riding piggy-back in the air. So we don't have to hang onto him as much anymore. I really like that.

Dinner was at the salad place, as John and I had had lunch at Red Robin and were still stuffed. Jet ate a good plateful of stuff, and then had both ice cream and cake cubes with pseudo-whipped cream. He really enjoyed that as a dessert, but when he was full, he left the last two cubes sitting on their mattress of cream. So he definitely doesn't overeat sweets, still, which I'm very glad of.

Home again, home again, and Jet was so tired, he was asleep by 8:30, and feeling fatigued myself, from last night's late night and the day, I soon followed him. It also helped knowing that he'd probably be up by 5:30 am tomorrow. Getting to sleep early would be the only way to deal with that.

While we were at the Rec. Center, Kaye had called our cellphones to tell us that someone wanted to see the house from 5:30-6 tonight. Since she wasn't able to reach either of us, but had left messages on all the phones available, she said OK to the realtor and they came and saw it. I had, as per the plan, picked up the house just before Jet and I left for the Rec. Center. Colleen thinks that it's the agent of one of the pairs of people that saw it over the weekend. There were two pairs, and both had sounded pretty determined. It's also good that they got their own agent, so there's no conflict of interest for Colleen, either way. Makes life a lot easier.

So, Yay! Progress on selling the house!

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